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  1. Does anybody know how much they will have to pay for each year we had a Sentinel card?
  2. Evening all - an update for you: I received a letter today from DWP. "What we have decided We have decided that we do not need to look at your claim again at this time." No mention of anything that my GP said, the paperwork that I filled in, or, more importantly, whether or not I'm still going to get by DLA. Do I assume that I am still going to get it? I've realised that the two letters I have in the file stating that it has been awarded "for life" are not worth the paper they're written on, but on the face of it, this tells me nothing - and it's been hanging over me since the end of
  3. Thank you Margaret, I'll see if I can get hold of the CPN. Unfortunately they keep leaving, so I 've had four different ones lately, meaning that there's no continuity.
  4. Thanks for that, LW. I wonder if it would pay to see the GP and go through her reply with her before she sends it back, or would that either be frowned on or not be allowed?
  5. Latest update: my GP has told me today that she has just received the questionnaire from DWP regarding my DLA. What do you recommend that I do now? Should I just wait to hear from DWP or is there something more that I can do to help myself?
  6. Latest update: Having been told on 26th Sept that DWP were going to check with my GP, I had to go and see her last week as I fell down again. I asked her what DWP wanted to know and she said that she hadn't received anything from them! Should I say nothing or should I pester DWP and risk upsetting them at possibly some cost to myself?
  7. Thank you for that and for all your support. I'll come back to you when they decide what they're going to do about the DLA and then again about the PIP. Take care.
  8. Futher update: I received another phone call last night (apparently the staff are working 12 hour shifts) from the lady in charge of the case. She told me that she had lifted the suspension of payments because she could not find out who had imposed it or why. I've checked with the bank and this month's DLA has now been paid into my account. She also said that she was now checking with my GP about the mobility part of the claim, which I suppose is fair, although they had already been told that my condition is "progressive and irreversible." One question comes to mind. Am I going to have
  9. Update: I've just telephoned again and the lady who is dealing with the case actually answered the phone. She said that by strange coincidence she had the file on her desk and took a few seconds to look at it. She then said that there IS a "suspension on the payments" but that it was not put there by her and that she did not know who had put it there or why. Apart from that there was nothing that she could do, but if she found anything out she would come back to me. Therefore I am still in the position of not being able to appeal or protest about it because I don't know why it has been d
  10. Thank you so much for that, I'll do that first thing in the morning and also send it so that they have to sign for it. It really gets to me - I used to have four jobs all at the same time (two voluntary) and in 1997 I was told (by the MOH for Devon) that I could no longer do anything. I've got worse since then, been told that it is "progressive and irreversible" and now I've lost my DLA, even though it has been increased twice since it was awarded to me. They must think I'm a fraud all of a sudden and that is upsetting me. I'm finding it very hard to cope.
  11. Hi neword - I made sure that I replied within the time limit and also paid extra to send it back so that it had to be signed for to prove delivery. I've phoned three times - they confirmed on the first call that they had received it the previous week (within the time limit) but that they couldn't discuss anything with me because the lady in charge of the case wasn't there. On every occasion that I've rung she wasn't there, so I still don't know why it's been stopped and I can't appeal because I haven't had any paperwork.
  12. I was granted DLA in 1997 for life (I still have the letter) but recently received a 40 page booklet to complete because the award was "under review" - even though it was awarded for life and has been increased twice as I became worse. Yesterday I received a phone call from DWP telling me that the DLA had been stopped. The lady couldn't tell me why, as she was not the person responsible for the file, but that they needed further information and that a letter was in the post. Nothing has arrived and I am at my wits end as to what to do. We cannot sur
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