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  1. Hi for some reason it didnt post my reply , yes i got a FENSA cert , what sort of time line should i give to get the work done , cheers
  2. Like i say the problem they have been coming out and saying different things over the past few years like supplier problems blaming covid , ordering wrong replacement windows etc .
  3. Not admitted anything in writing and paid via bank transfer , its not a big company just one local to where i live . So much for giving to trade in local community .
  4. Hi not sure if in right place , but i got some windows fitted in 2018 about 6 months later noticed in a couple of the windows on the opening a gap appeared and noise and air was apparent , i went to the shop and mentioned it and said someone would come out never did. to cut it short many times going to shop / messaging they have been out afew times always with a excuse saying forgot where they put parts then saying they would replace 2 of the windows , then saying they ordered the wrong windows this was the latest back in feb this year , so ive had enough now and looking at taking them to small claims court . Ive always thought all the windows are not right as since the new windows the house seems colder and noisier so would i be able to claim for all the windows or would i need to get a independent review of the windows before making a claim . I dont want to put a claim in then find i should have done things first . Many thanks for any help . David
  5. Hi no , i was just putting an example to the person who said it was my fault . I would just think that these lenders should have a responsibility if not any help for me for people in the future . Just because someone pays the min each month should not be a case to up limits or give big limits to start . Thats how you can get into debt easy , surely they should look into all the cards etc people have to be a responsible lender if someone is just making the min payment each month to all the companies how is it any good lending that person more money .
  6. Maybe so , but is that like saying to someone who has a gambling problem who goes into a bookies well your in this situation because of your own actions ? But the people in the bookies are supposed to look out for people with problems and stop them from gambling . Surely the credit card companies should look out for customers who just make min payments and not keep putting up limits
  7. Hi ive got some credit card debt which is starting to get on top of me and now im going to try sort , after abit of thinking i believe its irresponsible lending my earnings are around £13500 a year yet just tesco credit card has my limit at £7900 , they started alot lower and with interest free deals and only taking low monthly payments which seemed ok say £50 a month and making only min payments but they keep putting limit up then all of a sudden the min jumps up to £178 a month , its like they do this on purpose but is it allowed , are they not supposed to follow guide lines , im always in my overdraft , i have afew other credit cards which only make the min payment normally . so because i had other cards and made min payments before i got the tesco card should they have actually gave me such a big limit ? and should they increase the limit ? , same with the other accounts like aqua the limit is £7250 , why do they do this just gets people into debts they can not get out of . yes the people getting cards need to take some responsibility but i suppose its like putting a starving person in front of loads of food and not expecting them to take some , when u need the money to buy shopping or pay bills etc you use the money and dont think then pay the min each month . should i write to the companies expressing my points and see what they reply ? as you probably aware english grammer etc isnt my strongest point never has been . many thanks for any help replies.
  8. Will she get all her money back , and is it 14 days from the date on the papaer work with that date been day 1 , also is there some law she can quote , she spoke to them but they said all she can do is pick another car from them ?
  9. Hi my mother-inlaw went out to the garage looking at cars and decided to buy one , a used car from a dealership and she paid in full ( dont know why ) , she is supposed to pick up the car next week but has changed her mind she now doesnt want the car . Is there anything she can do to cancel the order and get her money back ? Many thanks davd
  10. Is it 6 years since the charges or when the account closed ?
  11. do i just ask for the charges back plus compound interest & 19.9% , is there a template letter to use or just put a simple letter together saying i believe they are unfair ?
  12. Hi ive got a old a & l credit card ( mbna ) the account got sold to hillsdens and eventually settled the debt at a reduced rate but was final , now im looking at the charges to get back if possible as if successful it wont be deducted from the account as its been settled . the charges are made up of £12 over limit and £12 late payments , ive used the spreadsheet and the charges are £204 but with interest at 19.99 percent the interest is £906.15 , so total £1110.15 , do they refund these charges as they are £12 if so whats best way at reclaiming . many thanks for any help
  13. Hi with the barclaycard the balance was around £7000 so if I did it before it would just take it off the account balance like it would now so theres no point , with the mbna one now that it was sold to hillsdens and now settled the money cant be taken off the account balance as its been settled . with this theres £204 of charges and £906.15 of charges with interest at 19.99 % total £1110.15 .
  14. Hi if thats the case theres no point the amount would be no where near the amount on the account , another one I have though was sold from mbna to hillsdens which i paid hillsdens and settled the account in that case would i be best sending it to mbna as the account has been settled , what interest do you add to the fees or do they add the interest , cheers
  15. Hi I had a barclaycard over 7 years ago , at the time I got into some financial trouble and got some late fees of £20 and some £12 adding upto around £230 . They didnt have a signature and at the time told on here it would be unenforceable stopped making payments that was around 7 years ago . Would I be able to claim these charges back now or would it open the account back up , also what interest would i charge if I could claim , I also have a couple of other accounts the same situation just different amounts, cheers
  16. i will start a new thread for the other one , and it was sold to cl finance .
  17. i have another account with robinson , it was for a old a&l loan and they have a signed agreement as well
  18. hi this is the old thread , it was a old paypal credit card done online . ive just looked theres only 4 late payments of £12 not 5 . the interest was stopped in 2009 when i got into a bit of trouble . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?230969-Help-needed-Enforcable-or-not&p=2559180#post2559180
  19. Hi i sent the cca to the oc years ago and posted it on here , i had 5 £12 fees on the account . Thats why i paid the £1 a month , i havnt claimed the £60 .
  20. hi ive got a couple of old debts with robinson way , one a old credit card and a old loan , i sent off cca's years ago and they both had a signed agreement , ive been paying £1 a month for the last 4 years or so , today i got a letter from robinson way saying they are prepaired to accept a lower payment the debt is £3200 they are wanting £700 . I am thinking of sending them a letter offering £200 but was wodering if there is a template to use for making full and final offer .
  21. so just tell them because of the delay i wish to cancel and want a full refund under section 75 , if they say i cant cancel or wont refund money just contact my credit card company ? many thanks for help
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