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  1. Hi Not been on in ages. Initial response from FOS was that Welscum were totally lawful. Mmmm so I have taken it to the FOS adjudicator. I have in the past year had two other DCA's chase me on this, nothing from Welscum. I havent spoken properly with DCA's as they ask for my details for Data Protection so i do the same and they end the call. The car itself has been sat in garage for 19 months now and is covered with spiderweb. Wish they would just repo but still waiting on FOS 19 months on.
  2. Beyondhope-Its on the DN Hoogie32 - They are playing a very similar game
  3. Yep a Without Predjuice DN on 5th Nov 09 then 14 days later a Termination Notice then in March 10 another DN notice then two weeks later their DCA requesting a full and final demand for the whole outstanding amout aprox 4.4k
  4. The welcome ones are all for the same account of which I have sent a rainforest of letters. This has been dragging on for nine months now. I cannot find this red triangle thingy but the other posts are for this account. My monthly payments are £178 and they have ruled that £400 of the orignal £700 arrears were unlawful charges so I should only have £300 of arrears and be able to VT and pay this amount.
  5. Back in September 2009 Welcome gave me a extremely low figure to full and final settlement. I accepted and then they refused stating that it was an admin error. I then placed the account in dispute as I believed that they were breaching basic contract law. There were arrears of £700 on the account at the time. After two months of letters to and fro they sent me one of these rubbish default notices where the arrears had lept up to £1400 this was now November 2009. Two weeks later I then received a termination notice. I took the complaint to the FOS. Approximately 4 weeks ago I received a
  6. Anyone help me with the following; Back in September had missed several payments totalling approx £700. Welcome sent letter to settle in full the account a figure of £ with an acceptance slip showing £. I took this offer straight away. When they refused to honour it I placed the account into dispute. For the past three months I have been battling with them and am now stuck. Their offer letter did not state how they calculated the settlement figure which I think breaches the Consumer Credit (settlement information) Regulations 1983. They have failed to acknowledge the account being i
  7. Send a dispute letter but print your signature so then you have complied with their silly request. If they send documents and the signature is printed on them then you are in a position to get a graphologist for £250 to compare your signature to the one on the documents that they have provided and if they dont match you have a case under Section 2 Fraud Act under Criminal Law specifically fraud by misrepresentation. I can guarantee the bank will properly deal with you then
  8. They have done that with me as well vint. I sent this letter with a printed signature which is nothing like mine.
  9. I'll see what rubbish they send me this week and then do as you said. I can see this dragging on some time after viewing other threads. They obviously have something to hide
  10. Just to help further drafting the cca request. Do a google search under Irish Consumer Credit Act 1995. You can print off the Act and make specific reference then in your request
  11. Sorry but do I now send an account in dispute letter in conjunction with a SAR request?
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