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  1. okay thank you I will contact them with all information, just want this to be sorted thank you
  2. Hi, I do understand where you are coming from but ive never taken a loan out and had no interest in to take a loan out as im not working at moment and I don't want this hanging over my head, my bank has started looking into this im just worried that who ever did this can do it again
  3. Ok they sent me this email back this morning whats the best way to answer back to them Dear Carl ., A MiniCredit Claims Department member has replied to your claim, with the following response: The following response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure. We have very strict procedures in place to enable us to prevent and detect identity fraud and money laundering. During the loan application process applicants are asked to enter personal information which is then verified with a leading credit reporting agency. A unique PIN is also
  4. okay that's good then as long as they wont try to take it further then that thank you I guess I have to wait to hear from them now
  5. Yes, thank you for all your help with this, im waiting to hear from minicredit to see what they have to say I don't know how long they can take to answer me back im not going to call them if that will cause more problems for me does anyone know what this legal action could be they may do, will they still do that as ive sent them a email explaining what happened and waiting to hear from them?
  6. how long do they take to answer back, is it worth me telling them about this or will I tell minicredit first if I don't hear from them about this I will talk to this onbudsman? this was on the letter " legal action can be taken against you if you don't make payment infull within 10 days and your account details will be referred to credit reference agencies such action will adversely affect your credit score and your ability to receive credit in the future " is this something to be worried about?
  7. I hope so I cant they wanted me to pay almost £200 in charges so all together they wanted £268.10 I know its very little compared to others on here but I should have been put in this situation
  8. Hi thanks for getting back to me, I just want to get this sorted I don't want this hanging over my head I know its not as much as other peoples on here but its scary that someone else was able to do this in my name I understand the £80.50 needs to be paid back I just want them to remove these charges/interest as that is just wrong how was I meant to pay something back I didn't even know about, if they was able to get in contact with me like they said they was trying to do could have sorted this but I don't even have a log in on their site so surely they must take that into condensation what do
  9. its just what ive read on here puts me off im not very confident on the phone and if they will try to blame me for this
  10. Yes I will have to do a letter just not sure on best way how to do so? im still waiting for them to answer my email I have sent them as I really don't feel confident enough trying to talk to them on the phone my bank wont do anything at moment till I get the replacement bank card
  11. I don't want to pay the charges but yes the £80.50 needs to go back I didn't know what that was at the time but the charges im not happy to pay them I just don't know what I can do
  12. ive talked to the banks fraud team, I just want this sorted I don't want to pay this back when its nothing I knew about
  13. Ive never had any dealings with this company before any other pdl so im positive that someone else has done this in my name on this letter at the bottom it says " legal action can be taken against you if you don't make payment infull within 10 days and your account details will be referred to credit reference agencies such action will adversely affect your credit score and your ability to receive credit in the future " Is this something they can do or just blowing smoke? ive sent them a email asking for more information on who took out this loan but im still waiting for them t
  14. Hi everyone, is it worth trying to talk to them on the phone or just stick to emails for now I just hope I can get this sorted
  15. I think it could be worth worth talking to Minicredit maybe? will they try to be helpful or just waste time talking to them
  16. sorry.. not sure what I did Im trying to work out what to do next
  17. Are these people easy enough to understand if I try to call them tomorrow? will they even try to help?
  18. Thing is they are saying I have a account with them, which is wrong cos I don't unless someone made one in my name what don't understand is it says in this letter they tried calling/texting/emails and sending letters to talk to me this if the first time ive heard from them I don't see how they can get £80.50 to £268.10 almost £200 in charges
  19. So if the IP which the loan was taken out on doesn't match mine I can get the charges removed? they only time I found out about this was this rather shocking letter
  20. Sorry..well my bank told me they are paying back the £80.50 from my account at midnight tonight. if that clears off this crazy interest/charges fine then move on just don't get how this loan was done without even talking to me or contacting me first
  21. No im with NatWest, I don't want to pay this loan looks like I may have to but I did not agree to this I don't even know how this happened is there anyway to get this written off I have no reason to have a loan in the first place
  22. Ive talked to my bank with "lost" card which they said to do that way they cant take any payments from me, this isn't fair I had no idea about this someone else did this in my name with my details it was £80.50 which is going back from my bank but in Total they wanted £268.10...Which is Fair enough not as much as others who ive read on here but its frustrating as I did not know about this and im not working at this current time
  23. sorry ill try to be more clear I got this letter today, ive talked to my bank this afternoon they told me they will send the payment back to minicredit tonight, but what I don't get is why did this happen I have not signed up for any loans at all I have no reason too
  24. Hi, today I had a letter from minicredit.co.uk about a loan that I knew nothing about I don't know what else I can do I have talked to my bank and they are sending the money, they apparently sent to me says in this letter they tried to call / text / email me but this is the first time Ive heard from them why would they start a loan without getting confirmation from the person who is meant to be setting it up! what can I do ?
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