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  1. Sorry, I did find this site 10 years ago, where I received help, but haven't used it again until recently. I have been searching for a similar situation for a short while, but didn't manage to find exactly what I was looking for. I've obviously not been looking in the right place and I apologise for the annoyance I have caused you. You seem to be very clued up on everything and know exactly how things work and I appreciate the help. The statements sent have no heading whatsoever, just my name and address and account number and the list of expenditure. Thanks again.
  2. Ok so it's bogroll I take it . And the few pages of statements doesn't make it enforceable (just so I'm absolutely clear in my mind). Thanks for all the help and answering my inane questions
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specific. It says credit agreement at the top with a load of terms and conditions. They said it was unenforceable though, and then the statements make it enforceable? I've copied what I received as an attachment (it wouldn't let me do the whole lot as it was too big and i'm not technical enough) but the first few pages are there. rbs card part cca.pdf
  4. I haven't claimed to have done loads of research. I've just been looking for answers online for a short period, but like I said before one says one thing and another something else. I've read this on debt camel and copied an extract. From this it seems as if they have sent what is needed? Call me dumb if you like, but i'm obviously far too trusting of people. I will search for what you suggested, thanks. What if they do send the CCA agreement? How can you tell if it is right? You have to be sent a “true copy” of the agreement – this doesn’t have to be a photocopy of the origi
  5. Yes I can see that thank you. I have read that it doesn't have to be signed and as with the first letter they sent they were aware it wasn't enforceable. Was purely wondering about the 2nd letter containing a few random statements and they seem to think it's enforceable now. I guess i was just looking for definitive proof that it's unenforceable before i start ignoring them. This is all new to us after "blindly trusting" Payplan for 10 years and are just trying to suss out what to do without getting into trouble and tarring our record again, but
  6. Thank you both. I've been on a couple of different sites to try and get advice and reassurance. Just needed to know what PRA must send to make it enforceable so we can stop worrying as much. Just didn't want to be fighting a losing battle and end up in court. Would rather just pay a reduced figure if that's the case. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Trouble is that there's so much conflicting advice when you google and as we've got a clean slate so to speak (clean credit record), we're a bit worried to get in the state that we were in 10 years ago and end up with ccj's etc (which we luckily avoided last time). Thanks for the reassurance. Should we write back and say that what they've sent doesn't make it enforceable?
  8. We're just a bit worried about letting it get to the threatening stage, as we've been paying in a dmp for 10 years and never defaulted. We were hoping they would accept a silly offer, but then were advised to do CCA requests. So a few random statements doesn't make it enforceable? Should we write back and state this? Thanks for replying.
  9. Unfortunately I really can't remember when, but it was before 2009. We banked with the Halifax and not sure if we just applied through them or were sent a letter offering it. My memory is declining with old age
  10. Hi, I sent off CCA requests and I've received 2 letters from PRA on Thursday about the same debt. The first said "Please find enclosed documentation received to date, we are awaiting further documents in order to complete your request. We have currently deemed this debt unenforceable which means we are not able to take court or further enforcement action against you to recover the outstanding balance." They have sent lots of small print terms and conditions and has my name and address on, but no date or account number. Also says Bank of Scotland, but the cred
  11. Hi all, Just thought I should update you, it'll be a year next month since all this s**t started and they still haven't got a bean out of me! I haven't heard anything for quite some time now, although they may surface in the future, I'll do what I have been doing - IGNORE!
  12. Thanks, I think it would definitely be wise to close their accounts. Especially as the kids accounts are with the Halifax. Thanks again.
  13. Does anybody know if they can touch kids bank accounts? I don't think they can because they are in my kids names, but I am trustee till they're 18.
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