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  1. Hi all, Just thought I should update you, it'll be a year next month since all this s**t started and they still haven't got a bean out of me! I haven't heard anything for quite some time now, although they may surface in the future, I'll do what I have been doing - IGNORE!
  2. Thanks, I think it would definitely be wise to close their accounts. Especially as the kids accounts are with the Halifax. Thanks again.
  3. Does anybody know if they can touch kids bank accounts? I don't think they can because they are in my kids names, but I am trustee till they're 18.
  4. Cheers zingy, it's a minefield out there, knowing which bank is part of which group, with mergers going on all the time. I've just applied with Co-op, so fingers crossed!
  5. Cerberusalert - wow! Thanks for that, you've been very helpful. Reckon I'm going to apply to your suggestion of the Co-operative Bank. Thanks so much.
  6. Unfortunately I think they both have connections to HSBC and Halifax, but thanks for the input.
  7. Thanks, that's great. My nearest branch is 10 miles away, but I have a post office on my doorstep and if I can apply online that's so easy. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Thanks for that. I'll have to see if I've got one local to me.
  9. Hi, My husband and I are in financial difficulty and are currently seeking advice with regards to iva's. It was suggested that we open a new bank account as we have an account with HSBC and Halifax (who are also our creditors for credit cards). Does anybody know who we should open an account with that has nothing to do with Halifax or HSBC?
  10. Thanks, just wanted someone to back up my gut instincts, it just threw me a bit with the purchasing of a debt.
  11. Today I received a letter from Parking Collection Services Limited, informing me that the debt owed to UKPC has been purchased by them and that we can pay a discounted rate if paid within 10 days. They state that it is their intention to collect and pursue this debt to a legal conclusion if necessary. Anybody heard of this company? Can they actually purchase a debt from UKPC? Any help appreciated (I haven't heard anything for 5 months).
  12. Just to keep everyone updated, it's been nearly a month since the last correspondence, so hopefully that's the end of it!
  13. I think everybody on here will tell you to stick to your guns because your husband wasn't actually driving and it is up to them to prove that he was. You can see how many people would cave in to the scary official letters, but the advice on this site has been invaluable and if you hold tight, they'll eventually give up!
  14. Just to keep you updated, I've received another letter today saying that they are going to pass it back to their client and recommend they start court proceedings. But if I pay within 7 days I can pay at a reduced rate! Reckon this is the start of the begging letters eh!
  15. Thanks for that guys, it's just getting a little scary now, but I'm going to stick to my guns.
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