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  1. Thanks for your replies so far. Our situation has changed slightly as I have now found work but a problem that I had anticipated has come up. So I will explain the problem here to allow you to judge if my original post still makes sense. As I said in my first post I can kind of understand how a months earnings would be considered the following months income when going into unemployment. But my understanding of this is based on a consistency that would mean that you still recieve JSA until you recieve your first paycheck because like your previous earnings, your new earnings would surely a
  2. Hi all, I have a question about a joint JSA claim that mypartner and I have. I have been on a single claim for several months. During this time my partner (a student) was working 12 hours a week. Her total income meant that I didn't qualify for income based JSA. In June she graduated and also her employer reduced her hours. This reduction started on the w/c 29th June from which point onwards she has been working 4 hours a week instead of 12. Before this reduction took affect we went into the job centre (around the 24th-25th of June) to ask them to make my single claim a joint o
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