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  1. Thank you for your response. I have requested this information but the bailiffs or council are not giving me any time. A Bailiff turned up at my house today to impose a further charge of £235. Can anyone clarify if the following is correct If I moved from the property longer than 6 years ago and the bailiff is collecting a council tax bill from over 6 years ago and the liability order is made out to my old address than under Section 23 and Section 33 of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 or Section 2 of the Limitation Act 1980 The council tax debt die
  2. I've just got off the phone to Bromley and i must say it wasn't the nicest call i have ever had. Here's my transcript of the conversation DJ = Me Spoke to someone named Rob, Rob refused to give surname, agent id or any call Reference. DJ advised I was not at the property at the time the when Bromley claim that I was there, DJ advised that I had been approached by JBW Bailiffs in regards to the outstanding balance and had at least 10 email conversations with them with the last letter received from them advising they will be taking goods the letter states from the 6th Apr The tak
  3. Thank you for your response. I contacted them again and yes i have clearly stated the date that i was not at the property. I have contacted them and asked them what i should do in order to resolve this but again they come back with to find proof and are not giving me any directions on how to resolve it. The last contact I had from them was on Thursday then yesterday i received a letter saying i hadn't been in touch and that I have 7 days from the date of the letter to make a payment otherwise a repossession order would be issued and i would have to pay £235 on top of what is outstanding. The d
  4. I don't have details for the Landlord any more. The property was privately rented and I had contact details for him at the time but I no longer have any details for him, he moved to Ireland where he was originally from buts that all I know. I didn't inform Bromley Council that I was leaving the property but had to show the landlord that the council tax was up to date and paid before we completed the end of the tenancy. The time period for the amount being claimed is 1 Apr 2003- 30 July 2003. I have no proof that I was not here, I dont have any documentation going that far back for anything le
  5. I remember my address just dont have any proof of it. I moved back to my parents address at the time
  6. Ok, Thank you for your reply. Do you think it is worth me contacting the local authority and asking them to provide any documentation that relates to that property?. i just don't know what to do without any documentation to say I wasn't at the address at the time of they are claiming. Its basically their word against mine.
  7. Good afternoon, Hopefully someone can give me some guidance at what i can do to resolve a matter i have with JBW group. On the 25/03/14 i received a letter to my address that stated I owed £354 to the London Borough of Bromley for council tax. I contacted JBW via email and asked what and when this was related to, They responded giving me the address of the property and the time period which dates back to 2003. I advised JBW that i don't know anything about this debt and was not at the property at the time the outstanding amount it for.They replied with the following "Dear Mr James,
  8. Good afternoon, I have just got off the phone with the DVLA to request a new Tax Disc, i applied for my tax disc on the 13/06/13 on-line but didn't notice the box that asked if my V5 Address was the same as my current address and just automatically ticked it and continued with the transaction. At the end i realised what i had done and phoned the DVLA immediately but they advised there is nothing they could do, i would have to call then after 5 days but i should send in my V5 Cert with my new addess in, so today i called them they advised me that i would need to go to my local DVLA office with
  9. I have got it put on hold for 28 days now whilst i am disputing it, i have to contact my local court who can advise me the next steps of action
  10. I'm not sure at present, all that I have is a letter from the enforcement agency, they haven't providing me much information only the outstanding balance, so i contacted the DVLA through their on-line form and i got this back from them below. It asks me to send me in full details of my mitigating circumstances in writing which I was going to do but wanted to get some advice first. The DVLA says its for a SORN not being made but the Collectica Enforments letter says its for the offence "Vehicle - Previous Keeper fail to send Ref Doc to" Dear Mr James Thank you for your e
  11. Good afternoon, 'Im hoping someone could give me some advice on an offence i have received from the DVLA On Friday I received a letter in the post from a enforcement service company named Collectica "Notice of Distress Warrant" for the amount of £390 the letter didn't give me that much information so i called them and they told me that it was for a previous vehicle i had sold but not informed the DVLA but I have never sold a vehicle in my life, he told me it was from my previous address which i moved out 2 years ago and there was also a court case that happen in Apr 2013 which I did
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