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  1. Thanks SH,Well, we did wonder if they would just try and offload the debt to some unwitting dca for 5p lol. Have to wait and see . Reading all the posts on this site it would appear there needs to be a lot more legal regulations for dca, not just guidelines for them to follow, Without proof of ownership of a debt they should not even get in touch with anyone as they have no reason to. Why all the hassle just to find out no evidence ever existed. This is where the first point of law should start . If its a case these companies try it on to test their luck then they must be taken to account.
  2. Yep, we will keep the letter safe, with all the rest of their junk . We must thank this site , had never heard of it before untill we were advised to take a look. Well done to the site team.
  3. Well had a letter from Cabot today stateing they have now closed the accounts and classed them as unrecoverable. After all the worry, the letters, the phonecalls , the threats, what a simple ending . We must thank everyone for their help especialy SCAB HUNTER & ANGRY CAT. We never reached or could prove where the information Cabot had come from so a bit frustrating that. Also we could not get to the consequence of us receiving letters from Cabot just after a morgage application, it does seem personal information is being filtered out by an unknown and this being passed to another party
  4. Not a lot of use the police route then ! Might mean a bit of work for them. We will keep you informed ,thanks for the light hearted comments, it makes us feel better. We are going to see this through to the end so this thread will make interesting reading for anyone with similar circumstances. No doubt there is still some way to go , Sure we could tell Cabot to take a run and jump, but we are going to try and prove where they have got it wrong which will be more useful for anyone in the future ,we feel without an outcome nothing is learnt, but you have all probably heard it all before, KEE
  5. Well, received a letter from CCS debt collecting company today stateing they are no longer chaseing this debt and have removed all our details from their records. Just Cabot to go now. I know its against advise previuosly given but we have written to Cabot for more info on the suggested debt so we can pass it onto the police for further investigation into criminal activity. They either come up with this info or forget the debt !
  6. Like an insider passing info to Cabot , ie names addresses etc and then this being used to obtain money, ? Surely this wouldn`t happen would it ?. I again state we never had, or heard of , or applied for any credit cards and it only started when we switched morgage lender. Ssssstrange , The deeper we delv into his it looks like some deception going on.
  7. Wonder where cabot fit in with all this, its like they have picked up personal details from barclays as thats when all these letters started, something not quite right here ,
  8. Thats interesting , I have not mentioned Barclays in my thread and you come up with that name, Guess who our morgage is with and thats when this issue began, Its adding new thoughts to this thread now , Cheers AC
  9. Just a note , When we changed our morgage (for a better rate ) the usual credit searches were done and nothing came back which showed as any bad debt and the application went without a hitch .
  10. Just an interseting point to add Both my partner and I started receiveing letters from cabot at the same time ?neither of us knew anything about the credit cards stated ? It was a bolt out of the blue ! The strange thing is , we have just changed our morgage and a few weeks into the morgage application was when we started receiving these letters, a lot of signed paper work did go on during the morgage change process ?. might be something of nothing but that was the only change in our year by year financial outgoings. Coincidence ? Any views
  11. Yup folks, I have never sent cabot a signature , We did move home 8wks after this so called signed agreement so do fear any post would have gone to our previous address ?There would not have been a forwarding address as we never heard of providian to tell them we had moved. The saga continues , Thanks all for your comments , big thankyou to SH , Any ideas always appreciated, I want to write to cabot of all these concerns but not sure of the best phrases , lingo of how to put it, its one long scenario
  12. Pictures by DEBANT - Photobucket The so called agreement ?
  13. Well, latest news, Cabot have sent what they believe to be a signed agreement dateing back to 2001, We are dumfounded. The agreement looks to be an application for a credit card. We have no recolection of this , Spending some time now decideing where to go with this ,
  14. Mmmmm, there would appear to be a lot of errors at Cabot, I will keep you posted. Many thanks.
  15. Thanks SH. I have looked into providian credit card company , apparently it is an american owned company ? who no longer deal in credit cards ? we have never heard of them , how on earth Cabot can get or pretend to get an agreement that does not exist proves they need to be investigated by the united nations , ho, What do they expect to gain by sending an empty envelope, ?
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