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  1. Hello Emmzzi thanks for your reply, i am getting sick pay and i would be willing to go to court. This is now a permanent injury that the pain will never go away.
  2. Hello Please can anyone advise me on where/what to do next I work in a small butcher shop (6 staff) for the past 6 years, A part of my job involves unloading the meat wagon of beef quaters (220lb+) into the fridges, then cutting them into smaller managable loads (120lb) and walking them 25 yards into the shop. Ive never been shown a correct way of carrying (or any manual handling training at all within my role)Due to never been shown the correct way i have always carried it in a bear hug. Due to doing this for the past 5 years i've ended up diagnosed with degenerative disc desiease
  3. Good evening everyone! Got ourselves into a bit of a problem, can anyone give me a bit of advise please? Wednesday I brought a vw Sharan 1.9 tdi, year 2000, mileage 105'000 £2695.00 lots of service history, hpi..... from a dealer who has an advert on autotrader. car inside and out is great, test drive nice, so I pay for the car. I said no to the £180 RAC warranty, but they give me a 3 months RAC warranty for free. drove home some 30ish miles with the car driving great! picked the kids up from school hour later and noticed smoke coming out of exhaust and the car is r
  4. ok update! Lloyds as a good will gesture have decided to give me a full refund of my PPI!! £4052 the refund will be in form of a cheque! that was the letter i had off them over 10 weeks ago. still no cheque! and they are still sending me my monthly statements with the wrong balance of £8900! so they are still getting over £50 a month in interest which is wrong!! this cant be right! I thought that if you are still in debt with them they take the ppi off what is owing? are they hoping i blow the refund and still have the £8900 balance to pay off?
  5. Hello im just started to gather my credit card late charges but need help on what interest to add. Do i add compound interest onto each months late charge then 8% on total...or just compound interest? many thanks john
  6. Hello Tink660 What are your next steps for claiming back your £12 charges? court? Ive just started to get together my £12 charges, when using the spreadsheet what interest did you use? thanks john
  7. Hello, thought id update my thread....its been a while, ok over a year! this is where im at. Sent the fos forms in october of last year, received a letter in January from the fos stating that fos are upholding my complaint and recommends that Lloyds makes a settlement to me plus £200 compensation. The end of January received a letter from fos saying they have received no response from Lloyds! the adjudicator has passed my file onto another Ombudsman for a 'final outcome' but the decision maybe different to the first outcome! Has anyone come across this before? is this normal for
  8. I have looked on the HSE website and citizens advise and i cant find out if a business of 5 employees has to log injuries in a Accident book? I have read "very small Businesses" do not have to have one! What happens if an injury has occured due to a work related incident?.....what can be done about it, as it won't have been reported due to their being no accident book available? thanks
  9. thank you for your reply yes im 16 weeks into my mis-sold ppi. the last letter Lloyds sent said they can not give me a 'full response' and will give me a decision within a few weeks, that was 7th January they said I have a right to start a complaint with fos. im just in the process of sending them a letter stating its there last chance to give me a response else its the fos. being as though 1/3 of my debt is made up of the mis sold ppi is there any way of freezing my account? putting it into dispute? thanks john
  10. Lloyds CCA.... is this enforceable? the T&C are a copy from 'Overleaf' of the signed Application form. any thoughts?
  11. Hi just been reading your thread Ford, my cca looks like yours. with my t&C 'Overleaf' I then backed off thinking it was enforceable. Cerberusalert...does the t&c printed 'overleaf' count as within the four corners? would it be possible for you to have a look over mine please? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/223346-cca-request-question.html thanks jonny
  12. the 18.5 letter is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/229524-jonny-lloyds-cc-ppi-2.html
  13. hi guys I have also last month received the same amendment 18.5 letter, stating they will give me a 'Fresh Start' but as we all know if you are late paying the credit card bill they take the money out of the current account anyway so I have no arrears!! here is a link to my CCA with them. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/223346-cca-request-question.html thanks john
  14. UPDATE! this is the letter i received a few weeks ago so it looks like I’ll be starting a complaint to the FOS! but yesterday I received a strange letter, has anyone seen a letter from Lloyds like this? I don’t understand because the "arrears" are automatically taken out if im late paying the credit card so I have no missed payments! also the letter has many mistakes my surname is spelt wrong, an the letter is not signed by a member of staff! can anyone shed any light on this? thanks jonny
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