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  1. Hello David, Well I moved out of Ingress Park at the start of August 2010, having lived there for a year and accumulating numerous parking "fines". I can't tell you whether the parking situation has improved, but seeing as the Ingress Park case is still in the legal process - OPC must obviously be operating. What I can say, is that I was always glad I was only renting - and said to many friends over the period I lived there, that I'd feel royally screwed over if I had bought a place there to find out about the parking situation after I'd moved in. If you value visitors (friends and f
  2. Hi guys, I have recently (last two days) received two more demand letters from OPC for around July last year. I moved at the end of July, so this should be the last lot of letters. I am waiting to hear from the court following a stay, but until then - OPC are out of sight, out of mind. Samimay - Ingress Park is a nice place to live apart from one thing - the parking situation. It's one big reason why we moved in the end. I have two parking spaces now, and would NEVER rent anywhere that didn't have dedicated car spaces or was patrolled by a private parking company. It's not worth the
  3. Received my new and improved "threat" letters from the "OPC Legal Department" for tickets given over 7 months ago. Well new at any rate - seeing as they are about as convincing as a 10 year old using Microsoft Word for the first time. And I received 4 at the same time...is the issuing of these letters automated? Because they should know we are awaiting the County Court process, so is there any need to keep sending these letters?
  4. Just to try and elucidate a little more (having received confirmation of the claims being stayed today), the particulars of why it has been stayed amount to the following (a summary): 1. Authority: "The claimant shall disclose the documents on which it relies as giving it authority to issue parking tickets and collect payments from visitors to and residents at Ingress Park." The Court wants to see the paperwork (contracts)behind Crest/Peverel, landowners, and OPC and to see who is making any money from this scheme, how it came about, who is benefiting etc. 2. Signage: Essentially t
  5. Hi Guys, Just an update...went to get the car today from the underground car park and saw a large metal OPC sign suddenly screwed to the wall of the underground car park (when previously there was nothing there), and naturally a ticket on my car. While this didn't cause me any undue stress - as I am due to move house at the end of the week and this parking mess won't affect me anymore than my upcoming court appearance - it did make my blood boil to see them put up this sign, as if it makes their [problem] legitimate. The funny thing is when I got home...it had gone. I can only assum
  6. I don't know what happened to it...one day it just wasn't there anymore. Perhaps the owner forgot to pay for the domain name upkeep?
  7. If I had any influence, I would make sure there was no parking restrictions at all at Ingress Park. I would suggest you could try to write to OPC/Peverel and see if they would consider your friend's case, but I imagine they don't really care. Just so as everyone has previously described in regards to dealing with OPC. As for me - an update - am waiting for my court date with OPC. Will let you all know what happens when it happens.
  8. Hi guys, an update from me...I have returned home from a weekend away to find I have received a Claim form from OPC from Northampton County Court, complete with Claim number. I haven't yet checked whtehter this has been filed with Northampton County court - but having checked on Moneyclaim.gov.uk, the claim is there. I obviously intend to dispute the entire claim, but was just wondering if anyone could help me draft a defence response. There's a small box on the defence form, and I'm not sure what kind of information to include/excude? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS - Is i
  9. Well if they plan to tow my car, they will do it with or without us sending them anything. I suppose we will have to not send the letters as planned if there is even a small chance they might use it against us. I don't want them to be able to lay a finger on us.
  10. After I explained my use of Windsor-Smythe's (OPC's) freepost envelopes to my wife, she thought she would indulge in some OPC-baiting too using their handy envelopes...
  11. Received about four letters from Wyndsor-Smythe and Partners today for the first time. Feel touched they waited so long...I wonder why they wait so long? Surely the costs of these mailshots aren't that cost-effective after a while? Anyway, I used the freepost reply envelopes to send them four notes telling them how I believed they weren't real lawyers, would hopefully lose their current employment and get decent jobs, and that I believed nobody would ever pay them. Probably a little childish, but made me feel slightly better.
  12. Thanks for all your help and advice (always excellent!), I am awaiting OPC's next move tomorrow morning... I don't particularly want to contact OPC after everyone's advice to ignore them and mark myself out as a "live" fish. I will sit on it and see what happens. If they do end up taking my car, I am suitable outraged enough to hire a lawyer and get them stitched up once and for all. I understand I may be down a car in the process...but it may be worth it in the long run if they get burned in court properly. I read the clamping guide and it has helped, because there are certainly no
  13. Hello there, after several months of relative peace on the OPC ticketing front - they've upped the stakes and this morning I found two A4 yellow stickers with the following plastered on my windscreen and driver's side window: "Notice of intention to keeper Removal of persistent offending vehicle from private land. Should the vehicle to which this notice is attached, registration mark **** ***, be found parked at any time from 18/02/10; within the parking area known as Ingress Park, Greenhithe, Kent and parked in a manner as to warrant a further parking ticket being issued, such veh
  14. Dallaglio, living on a private estate and having been ticketed more than ten times by OPC and more importantly, like you, having posted on this fabulous website - I ignored them. I didn't contact them despite the temptation to tell them where to go. Just put the ticket on a high shelf in your home, and when the follow-up letter appears in a few weeks threatening legal action "OPC vs Dallaglio", put that on the high shelf too and get on with your life.
  15. Just to say as another Ingress Resident who sees the same cars receiving tickets time and again, and still parking where they want - I know that NOONE is being hounded for anything. OPC rely on their [problem] and the fear of "legal action" to make people fork over £50. Word of mouth and this very helpful website has pretty much ensured most residents who have been here a while know what's up. People like Jo are the ones at risk of paying up - so Jo, listen to the people here and ignore them! Forever! I have received some junk mail stating that "OPC vs Me" legal action if I do not pay the
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