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  1. I am going to try to claim back the bank charges Barclays have applied to my account. I need to setup a parachute account incase they take away my overdraft facility as my wages are paid into this account. What bank would you recommend?
  2. You should ask for a settlement figure and see which is larger! If you overpay the remaining months, you will pay the interest for those months as though they had come and gone usually (ie, all the interest on the loan will be charged). You might find your early settlement fee is only a few months interest at the current rate.
  3. I have a loan from a car dealership (secured on the car but not HP), and I suspect there was some commission paid to the dealer for selling the finance. I'm going to SAR the lender to find out. Assuming there was a commission and the SAR proves it, what can I do with this information? Ultimate goal would be to have the loan voided - I have paid of the principal of the loan and a lot of interest! TIA Chris
  4. Plenty of egg agreements are not enforceable - good luck
  5. These pics are a bit small, can you upload them on TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting? When your scan is uploaded there is some IMG code you can paste here so it shows up.
  6. The car is also a fixed price item that has interest charged on it. I expect this is okay (I've read as much on this forum), but can't say for sure.
  7. You don't need documents. You are still entitled to your money back, because you know it is an anticipatory breach of contract. No receipt required. Send them another letting explaining that it is their legal responsibility to pay you back you and if they still refuse take it to the FOS.
  8. Worth getting a parachute account then I think I will CCA / SAR my loans first, the bank can wait.
  9. Sounds like they are giving you the run around, because they don't want to pay up. Did you ask for the refund in writing?
  10. Hi, The bit is on the left of page 3, here. The thing is, the agreement is titled a "Credit Agreement" not a HP agreement, so I'm not sure which of the two it is? Thanks again
  11. I'm confused now, does that mean the agreement is not enforceable? Actually section 4 "Your Options" has some details about VT, is that what the CCA requires?
  12. I would like to claim back some of the stupid charges I have paid in the past, but at the moment my finances are starting to stabilise and I don't want to rock the boat! If I start requesting CCAs or make a SAR, might they see whats coming and call in any loans / overdrafts? TIA
  13. Hi, Thanks for checking over the documents I appreciate your help. I'm not having any grief with this agreement other than some charges for occasional late payment that I would like to reclaim (about £150 I think). The cancellation rights are on page 4, section 8 but it does not mention anything about VT I don't think? I was offered PPI but didn't take it, was never offered GAP on the purchase. Considering how much I ended up overpaying for the car, I doubt anyone would underwrite the GAP slimy car dealer.
  14. Hi, I don't have a scanner but have taken some photos with the camera - quality isn't great but I think its readable Page 3, 4 & 5 contain terms & conditions: http://cdr.fastmail.fm/cca/pg3.JPG http://cdr.fastmail.fm/cca/pg4.JPG http://cdr.fastmail.fm/cca/pg5.JPG I hope you can see these okay Chris
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