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  1. I was on the phone to Halifax for 1 hour today in my lunch, I was trying to be calm but ended up telling them I was going to chain myself to something in the bank and call the press Unfortunately I got told by 7 different people there was nothing they could do, they will NOT take the card Transaction of my account and they put things like this through if they have a good relationship with their customers (which is a laugh as they wouldn't give me a proper bank account or an overdraft). I was stressing that I would not be able to buy food for myself or my daughter or gas/electric etc. but all
  2. I have asked for a direct line to the bosses office or a direct e-mail address and Barry Silver of CF1 will not give it to me, I have stated that what their "system error" has done is put me into massive financial hard ship, that I have a young child and need to buy food and that I will report them to the police as theft, this is how Barry responded: Please note that if we took more that the amount owed, then it may be classed as theft. We also have a signed agreement in place,that was broken,stating that you would pay the amount back on 15/12/09. Although we accepted your terms, a sy
  3. And if I get a crime number do the Banks have to reverse the transaction? If this is the case I am going to phone up my local station tonight....
  4. But if I do still owe the company the money (which I do) (actually, now Halifax has decided to pay it, did) can I go down that route?
  5. Shockingly I was on the phone to Halifax for an hour at lunch time and they will not budge an inch!! I have e-mails from Capital One saying it was a "system error" there side but they still will not send an amendment fax! I expect this from Capital Finance one but halifax I am astounded with! I have stressed that I cannot feed my daughter untill 10th of Jan if they do not do something about this but they are just saying the money is gone and there is nothing they can do. I thought with Visa Electron you could not spend funds that were not in the account? Anyhow I have asked Barry Silver f
  6. Thanks Silly Girl! I have been to the Tax Credits people and changed the bank details but they informed me yesterday that they could not recall the funds after I explained my predicament!! Isn't it funny that under any other circumstance the bank would not put money through without the funds being in there but it sods law that this time they did! I'm thinking of going to Halifax and camping out in there until they agree something with me not sure it would work though! I don't think any of them want to help!
  7. Sorry, I didn't make it overly clear above that they have sent me £400 O/D with no overdraft! Thanks.
  8. Hello All, I was hoping somebody could give me some advice on what happened to me recently. I had a payday loan with Capital Finance one and could not pay it all off (I would like to state I have had a few and paid them off in full previously). I basically contacted them and after them ignoring my e-mails for a few weeks they finally got back to me and set up a payment plan. I paid the first amount on my payday as stated. Yesterday I went onto my online banking and checked my account (I only had £35.00 in there) to see I could not withdraw any money, I called the bank and they t
  9. Hello! Sorry to revive this thread but unfortunately some of the amounts I offered to pay back (which I have been doing monthly and on time) I can no longer afford. I wrote to Uncle buck and let them know on the 15th that I would not be paying them £50 but only £20 - They basically said "No Way". Shall I just carry on paying them the £20 I can? They said they will either pass on to Debt Collectors or legal action. I have also now have to default on Cash Genie, It is due on 15th of December and I wrote to them 6 days ago to let them know I would not be able to pay off the loan and off
  10. Here is a reply from Tower Capital, they have whacked £90 on the balance but overall a surprisingly positive response: Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been duly noted. Taking into account your circumstances we can accept payment of £50 per month, as your pay day loan is due tomorrow we will expect the first payment tomorrow. Please confirm when we will receive payment each month? As advised in your terms and conditions we can charge 24% for every month you are in arrears, however as you have advised us before your payment is due we will agree to freeze your ba
  11. FYI, this is the reponse I got back from uncle Buck (surprisingly quickly!). [We cannot accept your proposal of £50 per month, however if you can clear the balance in a maximum period of six months, we will freeze any further interest on your account for this period. The monthly repayments would be £75.83 commencing tomorrow If you wish to accept this proposal, we can forward our bank details to your mobile phone if you confirm the number. I may accept and offer one month loan £30 a month - I hear they are easier to make agreements with Cheers!
  12. Hiya, thanks for coming back to me. This is the e-mail that I have sent out to Tower Capital and Uncle Buck so far: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to inform you that I will not have the funds to pay my payday loan off tomorrow (£105.00 to roll over). The total loan is for £455.00 (Inc interest), unfortunately due to debts spiralling out of control it will be literally impossible for me to pay this in one go. I apologise for this and propose that you freeze the interest on my account and let me pay you back at a rate of £50.00 per month (starting this month) that I will quite
  13. Hello All, firstly I would like to say what a helpful site this is, nice to find people that are not totally judgemental about debt issues Since March I have got myself into a mess with payday loans, I have not defaulted yet but unfotunately I now have to (on Tuesday). As much as I have been trying to find a way out of the situation, I cannot see one. I have loans with 5 different companies, they are as follows: Uncle Buck - £455.00 (inc interest) 1ML - £390.00 (inc interest) Cash Genie - £195.00 (inc interest) Tower Capital - £310.00 (inc interest) THL Direct - £279.50
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