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  1. Also meant to add the daughter wants receipts for all items required to complete the job i.e receipts of purchases made by son in law for turf etc, surely she realises this will not take into account labour costs? Plus it took this woman 4 months after the job had been completed to decide she didn't really like the 35mm turf she had decided upon! At the point of completion she stated she was happy with the job and paid by cheque. I am 100% behind consumer rights ( hence me being aware of this forum,) but surely her wrong choice doesn't mean the work man should be penalised and potentially suff
  2. Many thanks for your informative reply and for taking the time to respond, very much appreciated. The voice mail referred to expired , thus unfortunately did get 'deleted' from mobile At the time this all began I did advise son in law NOT to lose the voice mail,however, he didn't realise that it would expire. The daughter is now requesting to know if son in law a member of any Trade Association and the name of it. So unfair if she is attempting to impair his reputation as he has had no previous complaints, in fact quite the opposite. I also suggested writing directly to the mother rather th
  3. Sorry HB you are correct it is the same problem. Forgot I had previously requested help with this. Just reading through advice offered. Unfortunately the damning voice mail expired and my son in law no longer has it. I understand this was crucial to any defence but I understand there is no way to retrieve expired rather than deleted voice mails
  4. Unsure if this post is in the correct place, hopefully admin will help if not. My son in law has been accused of poor work by a customer. In short... He completed laying of artificial grass on the customers front lawn, this she was satisfied with and requsted the same for rear garden, however decided she wanted 35mm turf. This was completed to her satisfaction , however, a few days later she called my son in law and said she was not happy with her decision to have the longer turf, she apologised for this and stated she realised it was her own fault. My son in law offered to redo the work, at c
  5. Many thanks, will include the above in the letter.
  6. Many thanks for your prompt replies and advice. Thus far my son in law has remained both professional and polite whilst dealing with this customer but is becoming increasingly anxious and concerned about the whole situation. I am putting together a letter for him to send, (her daughter sent him an e mail demanding he correspond with only herself as her mother is so upset by the whole thing,) thus all correspondence will now be sent to the daughter. thus far her daughter has failed to respond to an e mail requsting her address as the letter will be sent via registered postal mail. He still has
  7. I hope someone can offer any advice re a current problem concerning my son in law and his business. He quoted for a 'gardening' job, it was accepted, now the customer states she is not happy with the completed job. She is demanding a refund and says he has '...broke the law.' The job involved the laying of artificial turf. The customer had her 'front' lawn covered by artificial turf but wanted something thicker for the rear garden. This was achieved and she was happy with the job on completion,however, she then called my son in law and left a voice mail message admitting it was her own faul
  8. Thanks all for your help, I will be seeing my daughter later so will get more details from her.
  9. Oh dear I feel terrible that I have given the wrong advice Last time I read this forum re private parking companied all advice stated ignore, ignore, ignore. What has changed. I shall pass on this latest advice I have read and hopefully she can sort this out. Does this mean they will be taking her to court?
  10. Thanks for your reply. How does she 'beat' them???
  11. My daughter has received a letter from Parking Eye, 'Letter before County Court Claim' I have read, many times on this forum to ignore 'fines' imposed by private parking companies and this is the advice I gave to my daughter She is not too happy with me now she has received the above mentioned letter! Any advice please on how she should proceed from here? It was a pub car park, the 'fine' was given in October this year. Many thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  12. Just wanted to update everyone who advised me re my original post.Following hour after hour of researching local and national planning policies I submitted a letter to the council planning department... the application has been refused! Not only was it refused but the notice also stated that no further application was necessary as any build would never meet the criteria required, so no appeal to the applicant either. Happy with the result, well worth the days of reading the hundreds of pages re planning policies...by far the most boring reading I have ever had to do. Many thanks to all who se
  13. I have managed to register but not found what I need yet
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