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  1. Hi, No i have never received anything from them except the credit cards statements that i received the other day
  2. No i requested a CCA in 2009 from TSB and then again in 2014 from Yuill & Kyle prior to the court date, Yuill & Kyle said they would cist the court case ....however i showed up in the day and so did their solicitor so i guess they were hoping i would be no-show on account of the case being put on hold.
  3. Yeah thats what i suspected Oleg, do you know how long pursuers get to continue the case? been since April last year since i attended court?
  4. Thanks for the reply Blueda... Im just not sure because they started proceedings to take me to small claims court just before the 5 years and the case was put on hold until Yuill & Kyle could investigate the lack of CCA that was requested so i wondered if that would stop the Statute barred coming into effect?
  5. Well here was me thinking i wouldnt hear any more ... received a large envelope today with the following letter.... Dear Sirs, LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD - V - YOU We refer to the above case and enclode herewith a copy of our first Inventory of Productions which we have now lodged at ...... Sheriff Court. Should you have any proposals for settlement we would be pleased to hear from you within 21 days. Should you be in any doubt as to your legal position you should take independent advice from a Solicitor of Citizens Advice Bureau. Yours Faithfully For Yuill & Ky
  6. just received a letter today from Yuill and Kyle , stating they intending to ask the court to cist the case, to allow time for their clients to investigate matters and contact original creditors Lloyds. Do i just attend court on the stated date as normal?
  7. Sent the above 14 days ago by recorded delivery and no reply received, court papers need to be returned within 6 days i have read up what i can find and now i send the documents back to court disputing the case? Thanks in advance Hari
  8. Thanks Ida I will get one done tomorrow and send it recorded Thanks for the help everyone, greatly appreciated Hari
  9. Anyone any more advice? PRBrown i have been looking at the letter you kindly put up for me to amend and send, im confused with the pursuers part...my original cca request was sent to TSB and this debt only transferred to Lowell recently infact first and only letter i ever received of them was on the 20th September 2013. So where it says the account was in dispute with the pursuers etc do i change that to say the account was in dispute with the TSB?? i know i'm asking really silly questions but i need to get it done and sent and obviously want to do it correctly Thanks Hari
  10. Hi Ida, thanks for the reply,im not even sure what my options are, i send the TSB a CCA request on the 27/8/2009 enclosing a £1 cheque and never heard anything back then sent them 12+2 letter as advised and again never heard anything back other than a copy of the current terms and a letter that states "there is no requirement under the CCA to provide you with a copy of your signed agreement" received a few letters from mha collections in nov 2009 then one from Lowell in sept 2013 and finally one fom Yuill and Kyle at the beginning of this month. Yuill and Kyle were the solicitors acting o
  11. can anyone give me some advice on what to send to the court regarding the above summons received, it all looks double dutch to me
  12. okay here goes page 1 form of service, Lowell portfolio against me dated 18th feb ...you are hereby served with a copy of the attached summons, signed sheriff officer(Stirling Park) .... we are instructed in this action by Yuill and Kyle, 79 regent street etc to whom all payments and correspondence should be directed quoting ref no etc... Page 2: Small Claims Summons with Sheriff Court Address, pursuer Lowell Porfolio, Defender ME, Claim: the prsuer claims from you the sum of..... and the pursuer also claims from you the court expenses. Details of the claim on separate paper....
  13. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply and giving me the advice. Do i send this to Yuill and Kyle or the Sheriffs Court?
  14. No problem any advice will be gratefully received, been through files and have copy letter of CCA request as well as proof of postage to them....not sure where to go from here
  15. Doesnt seem to be a booklet in the claim pack, just the paperwork for the case, anywhere online i can get it. will there be an acknowledgment of service for Scotland, i can only get info for England and Wales
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