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  1. A very delayed update. I have since tried to acquire a credit card (full time employed for 6 months) and the only problem is a default on this supposed loan. I cannot find the letter I sent them, but heard nothing on the matter since - not getting this credit card was the first I realised that their could be a problem, as I already did have a credit card - that I have paid back on time and in good order since day one, never had to pay a penny of interest - but hearing nothing from the bank made me think that my letter had got them off my back and that I was in the clear. Sorry to be so delaye
  2. To all readers, I write this to recommend all to steer clear of Carphone Warehouse - or at least any contract offered by them through the o2 at Carphone Warehouse mobile network. On calling to cancel my contract, I passed security questions and stated that I did not want to retain the contract. However, as I got to the stage of cancelling the contract, I was told I would need to send a letter informing them of my wish to end the contract, and only a letter to a specific address was acceptable notice. When requesting the address, I was told that the person on the phone did not believe I wa
  3. Please advise me CAG - I sent a subject action request to Barclays in mid October (15th I think, will check my receipts). Regardless, I am yet to receive any form of response from Barclays, and it has been over 50 days at least. Could some kind soul please advise me of the steps to take when a response is not issued by the bank. Thanks
  4. Well Nationwide have now charged me £30 plus interest - the interest took my overdraft over its limit because they told me a cheque would take 2-3 weeks to clear and now it will apparently take 6-8 weeks. Surely something can be done?
  5. Someone please help me! I recently worked on a camp in America, and was paid in US Dollars, with a cheque. I have since banked the cheque, after being informed by the lady at my branch that the cheque would take two weeks to clear. Currently, my account (my only active bank account) is overdrawn to its overdraft limit. I deposited the cheque 3 weeks ago, and the money still has not cleared. I called up today (on their ludicrously expensive contact number I might add) to ask why the cheque hadn't cleared. After twelve minutes of discussion the woman on the phone informed me that because th
  6. Ok so I was all set to post that letter today and I just got a cal lform my mother saying that they called the house and said it was urgent I contacted them by 8pm today. Should I email the letter instead? Please advise guys, am geting very stressed. Thanks so much!
  7. Ok so there is a small update where assistance is needed please. Last week I wrote to Barclays with my subject access request and also to tell them I want to deal with them only in this matter. However, I have not heard back and I got a letter from DMPay to say that they were making a final debt collection demand. I want to email / write to them to say I am disputing the amount - especially as its now gone down from £700.98 to £662.08 without me paying in any money or doing anything, and the debt handlers have changed from Chelmer Collections to dmpay I also want all of these irritat
  8. Just a quick query that occurred to me - is it legal for banks to pass debts on to other companies without them first notifying you? Surely by giving out a persons details and passing them on to these 'loan sharks' they are in breach of the Data Protection Act?
  9. I appreciate this advice, I just wonder how getting all the information will help? As long as you are ok to take me through it all I will proceed with getting the information? Thanks again!
  10. I havent received any for a while as they closed the account. What should I look out for on maybe one of the earlier ones?
  11. I got into the situation as I was short on money and thought I had an interest free overdraft. The DCA is Chelmer Collections. They are threatening to send round collectors I believe, its not really been made too clear to me. I have the money to return the original £500, but I refuse to pay the absurdities they are trying to charge me on top of that. Please let me know what other information is required. Thanks
  12. Am new to this whole thing but any assistance would be much appreciated. A while back whilst using my Barclays account I noticed I had an overdraft allowance of £500, a benefit of my student account - or so I presumed. So I transferred the money, planning on paying it back over time with £17 a month coming into the account, and then a big lump sum to cover the rest after I'd made my summer earnings. At one point whilst I was at home, I received a phone call from Barclays or their debt collection agency (I am not sure which) demanding the money (somehow a whopping £688) from me. I exp
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