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  1. Finally got a letter of lowells saying the account is now closed,also had a letter for a cap one card which is now closed after i stat barred it also of red.Today i had a letter of muck hall after an old mbna loan which is also stat barred so ive sent them the letter. also had a letter of 1st credit asking if i was the person who lived at the adress,so i guess i will be getting a letter of them soon for another stat barred debt lovely.
  2. Hi received a letter today saying my account has been put on hold and i will receive no communication from the collections agency while they look into it,but this letter was from red and all previous letters were from lowells.I know they are the same company but is this not a bit strange?
  3. sorry missed the contract info must put my glasses on lol
  4. tell them your going to leave and join virgin that will get them grovelling
  5. still waiting for a reply from lowell
  6. Hi had a letter of lowell this morning dated 24th december giving me 7 days to pay or they will get accj against me.i have already sent stat barred letters,and this must have been posted before they recieved my letter. any ideas what to do next
  7. Sent The Stat Barred Letter Today Now Lets See What Happens
  8. So I Should Send The Stat Barred Letter Then
  9. I Havent Made Any Payment Since Jan 2003 So Is This Definitley Statute Barred
  10. cheers i hope this is the case i will post any new info when something happens
  11. Im Thinking I Might Wait Until The Deadline Passes And See What Happens,or Should I Send Them Any Type Of Letter
  12. At The Bottom Of The Letter It Says,if There Is Noresolution To This Account By 24th December We Will Asume You Are Unwilling To Pay And We Will Take Appropriate Steps To Recover The Outstanding Monies
  13. Hi A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Recieved A Letter From Lowell Finance Asking For A Payment Of 1400 Pound For An Old Cahoot Debt.i Ignored The Letter As It Was Over Six Years Old,a Week Later I Recieved Another Letter Saying They Would Send A Licenced Home Visit Agent To Discus Payment Options,i Also Ignored This Letter As I Thought They Were Just Trying To Scare Me Into Payment.this Morning I Recieved Another Letter Saying I Could Pay In Full,or Three Payments Of 400 Mplus A Month Or 50 A Month Until Paid Of,and If They Dont Here Back From Me By The 24th Of December They Will Take Further Action .
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