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  1. Mr. Boast is merely the monkey. His employer whislt spouting verbal also profited from his actions for 3 years+ at 60% of his fees. Her firm (And many others) will claim that Boast is a "Black sheep" although we all know that without loads of" Boasts", these firms would have no businesses at all. If any Bailiff firms wish to argue this.....I await you all with open arms (With some knowledge that may spook you all)!!! Bring it on chaps.
  2. "Following the publication of this report these three industry leaders are arranging an important one-day conference at the House of Lords on the 24th November 2011. At this event MP’s and Local Authority Officers will hear the experts discuss the impact of local authority mismanagement on the industry’s credibility. Topics for discussion are:" So where is my invite then? I`m sure I can assist in this little gathering:-)
  3. She certainly won`t get an Oscar for that poor performance last night and as for the other party....well I hope his Mum is proud. Some one reading this will know what I mean. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Seem Philips Collection Services are having problems. Their London office is closing down and Bailiffs are being made self employed.......from what I hear and this is 3rd party info (For those nice north folk) Take what you wish from that. Also check out recent Company House docs as certain folk are no longer Company Chairman. There is also the small matter of an EU tender matter that may be a burden to all involved and certain folk maybe under hassle to act sooner rather than later regarding this matter. It`s not a secret...just go search on line and you will locate the information.
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00g5x34/Drivetime_with_Eddie_Nestor_Breastfeeding_Guantanamo_Bay_and_Morrissey/ 0:47.56 onwards.......... I wonder what Council Barry Segal is talking about re CCTV static cameras?
  6. :hand:You really are "Off" form today G&M.....are you feeling 100%? Go take a rest and stay out of the sun!
  7. Now G&M don`t be so glib. Try commenting on their parking. Is this covered by your famous TRO?
  8. What like this..........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUSEIem8_Uo&feature=related OR for shopping.......... try this!!!!
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