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  1. When i done my medical my GP basically hurried through the questions, obviously i did my best not to answer them stupidly and give the DVLA a reason to probe me with more question. Once the whole medical was done my GP said that really all that mattered was the blood test results...this is if you are fight and healthy and can see straight.
  2. Djavidmix, I forgot to mention that you can withdraw your application altogether and reapply for your licence. It is a lot of hassle but like you said this will put your mind at ease and ensure that you pass . As above too you can drive as soon as your ban is up and you are waiting on the results of your medical. I didn't have a car at the time so wasn't driving again until after i passed the medical and had a bit of cashed saved to buy a motor . Nick
  3. Best bet i think would be to ask for another date, i'm still not entirely sure how much recent drinking affects the medical but it would be a good idea to give yourself some more time. I'm going to ask DVLA for a copy of my medical results again since they never got back to me last time.
  4. Hi Djavid, I've been with elephant before and the 10 month policy is quite legit, i moved from them to Quinn direct as Quinn let you drive any car without having to be 25 and all they had to do was phone elephant to clarify my no claims bonus. It works out a little more a month but it does get you your no claims a little quicker . As for not drinking for 10 days before your medical i recommend taking as much as the milk thistle as you can and drinking plenty water to flush your system. The week leading up to my medical date I upped my daily dosage of the milk thistle tablets...not sur
  5. Yeah I'm with elephant with my cousin who is a 30 year old female as a name driver, I'm 22 with 3 years no claims, been passed for over 4 years, i declared my drink drivin conviction and also driving without due care and attention conviction, my car is a 1.6 16v corsa sport and im £620 for the year which is very good considering the convictions. When doing the quote with elephant changing small details like yearly mileage to 5000 and that you keep your car in a private car park helps bring it down. I'ts a 10 month policy which you get a years no claims for when done...im paying £62 a
  6. Glad to hear it mate from what you said i thought you would be fine! At least your back on the road now so you won't have to sell the car you just bought and visiting your little girl should be a hell of a lot easier
  7. I wouldnt think so they just tend to take a while with the medical as they do with everything else lol. I didn't get my results back until nearly 3 weeks after the medical! I do think this is the DVLA's plan to try and get every penny they can out of you, i was in the same situation as you worried sick if i would pass or not thinkig that titp and the venture down to manchester for the boxing would make me fail. Not a problem mate glad to of been a little help, i know how stressful it can be! Good luck mate
  8. When i lost my licence i drank more, probably every friday saturday goin out in the town and ending up really drunk. then hitting the pub on a sunday from around 2-3 and drinking till 12 then going home. You would think getting done for drink driving would deter you from drinkin but it just gives you nothing to do as it takes your freedom...then out of sheer boredom and realisation you can't go anywhere and do things you want to do you end up drinking with your mates. back to my drinkin habits in my post a few above you can see how much i drank the month before so if you have done bet
  9. Alright mate, If you haven't drank since august the 29th which is nearly 2 months ago i would say you will be fine! If you read my post and consider that i have drank every weekend since i was 16 probably and i passed considering the above details then you should be fine. By drinkin every weekend im just ur usual goin out with ur mates and having a laugh drinker. don't drink excessively durin the week or that. Also im sure i drank a h ell of a lot more over the 3 day course at titp and 4 days later being really drunk again in manchester...and i still passed by staying clean of
  10. I phoned DVLA to try and get my test results and they gave me an email address to send a request to but it ended up being a dud address so i still haven't called them back to ask again....so not sure what the liver function test would have been like if they even tell you. As for milk thistle you can buy this from tesco, semi-chem, superdrug etc
  11. Hi All, I have just recently got my licence back after being banned for 15 months, which got knocked down to a year after taking the drink driving course. I was at t in the park exactly a month before the medical which involved 3 solid days of drinking, then i was in manchester for the amir khan fight a week later which i was pretty drunk for. so for the next 3 weeks i stopped drinking, except for 2 tins of beer on one sat night and then a couple pints the week after. the weekend before my medical i didn't touch a single drop. Also i took milk thistle for around a month st
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