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  1. Hi, I sent a SAR to an old loan company and am about to claim for the charges on the account. They are as follows but I was wondering which ones I could claim back. 1 UNPAID DD FEE 06/01/2005 £30.00 1744 £11.51 2 MISSING INSTALMENT FEE 22/04/2005 £30.00 1638 £10.81 3 UNPAID DD FEE 22/04/2005 £30.00 1638 £10.81 4 UNPAID DD FEE 24/05/2005 £30.00 1606 £10.60 5 UNPAID DD FEE 22/06/2005 £30.00 1577 £10.41 6 DEFAULT NOTICE 27/05/2005 £50.00 1603 £17.63 7 CALLING IN NOTICE 04/08/2005 £50.00 1534 £16.87 8 INSTN TO SOLICITOR 17/08/2005 £100.00 1521 £33.46 9 LEGAL FEE 19/07
  2. That was quick! I haven't complained about it before. This link - Mortgage mis-selling case could impact on repossession and other one that I cannot find right now, has made me realise that despite being 'voluntary' certain steps should have been taken. I think I will go via FOS, who structure the initial complaint letter for you and then pick it up after the 8 weeks. Thanks for your response. It is encouraging. I will update the forum with progress as it seems to be an unusual one.
  3. Hello. This is my first post on this site. I don't think it has been covered. I posted it on another site but haven't received any advice to date. Anyway, here goes with the story - My wife went bankrupt in 2005. Her business failed, and due to her being a silly billy most of her borrowings were in her name and not the limited company. The Limited company was formed later and, apparently due to accountant/solicitor oversight the debts were not transferred over to it and remained hers. She made HERSELF bankrupt and the company obviously followed with her. To be honest, for her it was the best t
  4. If you're up the creek so to speak, Bankruptcy is the only way. My wife had business debts, credit cards the works. We did voluntary repossession on our house and she filed for personal bankruptcy as all business stuff was in her name. IR and EVERYTHING was in it. You get discharged after a year now. You won't be able to get credit for about 6 years after discharge though so you are looking at 7 years from date of bankruptcy before you can consider a mortgage etc. Some do 3 but you'll pay well over the odds.
  5. Lou, Exactly the same happened to me. Fortunately (for me) I'm about 3 years further down the line. Abbey sold my house for £170k in 2006 when it was up for £200k. I complained re the low price via Financial Ombudsman but no joy. You may have luck though as yours was a bigger reduction. The 2nd charge on my property was with GE Money. They waited a year before asking me for the £10k shortfall. Eventually I started paying £50 per month. I noted on my credit file last month that the settlement figure shot down from £9500 to £700. I asked them for one in writing and they sent a
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