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  1. Hi Hammy1962 Thanks for your comments. I have seen posts from other owners which show it is possible even though it may be rare Metal Flakes in Fuel System | BimmerFest BMW Forum I agree Stoneacre couldn't have known this would happen. All I know is that we 100% have not misfuelled this car ourselves and believe this to be a fuel pump error so I do think BMW should take responsibility.
  2. Hi Thanks for your comments. The car has not been misfuelled but if it had been it would not have been covered by my insurance. The car was paid for by funds from a personal loan so unfortunately not PCP or HP. I have looked again at the report and although there is a paragraph at the top saying no obvious signs of misfuelling it is followed by a quote so this could perhaps be considered to be just a quote. I am ringing the garage today to clarify and looking into getting a further inspection report from the AA/RAC.
  3. Bankfodder You are quite right, no more strops, job for tomorrow, research on fuel pump lifespan and work on letter. Thank you for your responses.
  4. Hi Sorry, Yes I will space properly, I was in a bit of a strop! I used a garage who specialised in BMW repairs near to me . Blackpool motor works ltd. They charged £110 to inspect and check diagnostics. They have also quoted for repairs. I have set aside some time tomorrow to put in writing as you suggest. Thank you
  5. Update. BMW complaints department refuse to accept my independent report , they say they will only accept one from one of their dealers, I stated that I did not trust their dealers and wanted an independent report and they flatly refused to take this into consideration. I told them that their dealer wanted to charge me another £800,to even investigate the possibility of car not being misfuelled and they also advised me that in their opinion it was not worth it because outcome would be the same. Again, BMW flatly refuse to take any of this into consideration .
  6. Hi I think we have probably done around 7000 miles if that and we paid £22k for the car.
  7. Yes the fuel pump failed which caused damage to other parts of the car. so the damage is still the same but we have established that it was not caused by misfuelling, therefore must be a fault within the car. The original quote from BMW was £9600 plus, Independent garage have quoted around £7000
  8. Hi I have now had an independent report done which states, no obvious signs of fuel contamination, fuel pump fault, Do I now have reason to request BMW to cover the cost? Does the Consumer Rights Act apply in this case? it is reasonable to expect a car to last more than 3 years before it costs you £10,000 in repair costs!,
  9. Okay thanks. Im calling the garage in the morning so will know more then
  10. Hi Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I bought a used BMW from Stoneacre last January. The car has been regularly serviced and well looked after. On Thursday night the car , with no prior warning cut out on me and i had to call a tow truck to get it to my nearest BMW dealer. They rang me next day to say they had found swarf in the fuel system and asked if I had put wrong fuel in , I advised them I certainly had not! They then advised me that the whole fuel system would need to be replaced at a cost of £9,600!!! and that they
  11. Hi A year ago I was granted a Tomlin Order for a debt owned by Aktiv Capital (originally MBNA) and was helped by the lovely people on here. The order was agreed for a lower amount because I queried charges. I have just received a statement off AK. It states that I owe the original amount, not the amount agreed on the order and has also added fees charges of £335 ! It does not itemise the charges. I was under the impression that the amount agreed on the order was the amount I will owe and that they were not allowed to add further charges ? Can any kind person help wi
  12. hi andy , our posts crossed in the post as it were !! thanks for the reply , so i just wait to receive the order and sign etc and that is signed by the court ? is that then it ? can they then not push me for more or full settlement through another court order in the future ? i appreciate all the help many thanks CW
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