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  1. I've made several claims for friends via TDS in the past few months (student migration season) and have found them to be very impartial and in every case has either significantly reduced the claim by the LL or dismissed it completely.
  2. Hi there, I'm hoping someone here can help me. Over two years ago, my partner had an AST end and asked for her deposit back. Landlord refused. On trying to make a claim via the tenancy deposit scheme, she discovered her deposit was never protected. I filed a claim for her in the County Court and in march of this year, she won an order for full deposit, three times the deposit in fine and costs for a total of £4,730. Landlord has refused to make any payments. On questioning in court, we discovered another property in Nottingham that he rents out and this week we
  3. Thanks for the reply. The APR listed is 15% and they included terms under the 1974 credit act.
  4. Hi there, Just had the renewal come through for my bike and I notice that the company have now moved away from simple instalments to using a loan company intermediary. As such, would the loan company not be equally liable if the insurance policy fails to provide sufficient cover?
  5. Thanks for your reply. It is free standing, weighting close to 30 KGs and is the only oven in the flat. G
  6. Hi there, Renting a one bed flat, AST due to end mid November 2011 and the LL is clear no extension will be possible. Only have a gas hob and large (34L @ 30KGs) combi oven/microwave in kitchen. Live on the 3rd floor with no lifts and recently had major knee surgery so can't not weight bare, let alone tackle stairs. Oven has developed a fault and when warm (less than 130C), the control panel freezes. Managing Agent has agreed to replace the oven rather than repair due to costs. However has refused to arrange the removal of the faulty oven based on the fact they would have t
  7. Thanks for the reply. Placing a charge on the family home and/or garnishing bank accounts.... How do I go about doing that? Regards, G
  8. Sorry about the formatting. Used paragraphs while typing but had javascript turned off.
  9. Hi there, On the 9th of March 2011, a District Judge found in our favour regarding a TDS despite. Sum of Deposit, fees, 3xdeposit as fine to around £4500 with the landlord 14 days to pay. After hearing, agreed a repayment plan of around 380 per month for 12 months, first payment on the 23rd of March with the court order unchanged, ie £4500 by the 23rd of March. Nothing was paid into the account by the 23rd so sent a letter to landlord and court stating a breach of the court order had occurred. 5 days later, received a letter from landlord claiming changes in circumstance and f
  10. Hi all, Following some in-depth investigations, I discovered my letting agent had not reprotected my deposit after the initial scheme they used had closed. After filing a N208, I discovered that days prior to filing, the letting agents ceased trading and formally enter liquidation at the end of the month. Where in the queue of creditors do I stand with the return of a security? While the letting agent was responsible for protecting the deposit, the wording of the penalty clause in the Housing Act states the 'Landlord' must pay a sum of three times the deposit if unprotected. Does this mean
  11. Hi all, Been lurking for a while and used the template wording to file a N208 against the Letting Agent with respect to a TDS dispute. No deposit secured in a TDS scheme. My N208 was filed with the County Court with a deadline of 11th of October 2010 for a reply to be filed. Phoned the Court today and as of 14:00 on the 12th of October 2010, nothing has been filed with or received by the Court from the Letting Company. What is my next step? I was going to file a "Judgement in Default" but found this peice of information 'You also cannot obtain judgment in default if you have chosen to h
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