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  1. Hi, I was on a dmp with the cccs and when i told them i had got into a mess with payday loans they said they were no longer able to keep me on the plan as one of the conditions of a dmp is that you dont take out any more credit. My advice would be to keep quiet and try and come to a payment arrangement with the debt collection agencies. I have got an outstanding payday loan with quick quicd which has just been passed to Mckenzie Hall. So far they have been fine and i am going to start paying 30.00 a month by s/o, starting from next month(balance is 525.00) Good luck, stay strong,they cant have what you havnt got:)
  2. hi, thanks for reply, havnt got that far,so far, they havnt actually said why they want to contact me, if anyone has had any dealings with them please let me know:|
  3. Hi, I last posted in Sept 2009 when I defaulted on 3 payday loans: so far have set up arrangements and standing orders with payday express and wageday advance. Tried and failed to come to an agreement with quick quid. Despite numerous offers, emails etc I am yet to pay them. Today recieved an email from Mckenzie Hall asking me to ring them. Didnt give a reason, but I assume it has been passed to them via qq. I responded by saying I am unable to telephone and can only respond via email or letter. Anyone got any advice, I want to pay but cant afford the full amount, help please im scared as I have heard they are really nasty:(
  4. Hi, I am in a similar position with qq. I have sent copies of my i and e, and an offer of payment, however, they still refuse to divulge their bank details. It has been 3 months now and 'collection activities' still continue. Im trying not to stress though because if you cant pay what they are asking, you just cant. I will keep you posted ....
  5. Thats really good advice, I cant believe how sneaky they are, I owe other lenders far more and have had realitively few problems!
  6. Hi, thanks both for your replies, I have to say I had never considered how much interest I had paid, I cant believe its that much. I think it is the silence that is worrying me, as I said apart from a couple of calls and emails, and 1 letter, I havnt heard much yet.....
  7. Hi All, I have been reading the threads on here for the last couple of months. I am hoping that by posting my own sorry taleothers may be able to offer some much needed support and advice:) Ok, here goes...I owe payday express 355.00 Quick Quid 500.00 + 115.00 interest (615.00) Wage Day Advance 325.00+65.00= 390.00 I defaulted on all 3 of these loans last month. I had basically been in the trap of reloaning and paying 300.00 a month interest every month for a year. I followed the advice given on this site and reported my debit card as lost, cancelled dd'd and had wages paid into a seperate account. I sent a copy of my income and expenditure to all three companies and set up standing orders for 5.00 a month (all I can afford) to pde and wda. I was unable to do so for qq as they wont give me their account details. I have received a letter from pde who have accepted my proposal but havnt heard much from wda or qq. I have had a couple of phone calls and emails and 1 letter from qq, basically saying my account is in default and 'collection activities will continue', and have had 2 x emails from wda asking me to give alternate debit card details (I am not going to). I did telephone wda and qq who I have to say have been surprisingly corteous and helpfull, however, I am worried there is worse to come. I am scared dca will turn up at my door or I will be taken to court. Im worried sick and want this mess sorted out. Anyone who has any advice please reply
  8. Hi, I have completed my i and e with the help of the cccs. Have had on success so far. Payday express have been very kind and accepted my offer of 5.00 a month. Am still yet to hear from quick quid as they will only accept payments by direct debit or debit card. Its good to hear im not alone:)
  9. Hi, I too am in negotiation with wda. I defaulted last month, and so far they have not added any interest or charges. I did make a token payment of 5.00 whih they have noted. I have sent copies of my income and expenditure and other credit commitments. However, they are saying they havny received it (may send another copy recorded. Hang on in there, I know its stressfull at the moment but im sure we will both live to tell the tale. I advise you to have your wages paid into another account though, if only for your peace of mind. Keep an eye out for direct debits being set up, wda have done this twice so far to me. The man I spoke to said the computor will keep doing this until they collect payment.
  10. Sorry to hijack your thread, ive just realised how to start a new one! Hope it all works out for you, remember they cant have what we havnt got, good luck
  11. Hi All, I am in a similar situation. I have defaulted on loans to 3 payday loan companies: quickquid, payday express and wage day advance. I have 'lost' my debit card, cancelled direct debits and had my wages paid into a different account. I was on a dmp with the cccs however, they have now stopped my plan as i told them i had taken out these payday loans since being on the plan. I have sent my income and expenditure to payday express and wda and set up standing orders fo 5.00 which is all i could afford. I have yet to contact quick quid as they wont give me any details (someone on this site has given me thei address so t least can write now). I was just wondering what to expect next. Im sure they wont accept my offer and have hinted at dca or doorstep collections, however, other than a couple of emails and one letter I havnt had much contact. Any advice gratefully received.
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