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  1. Hi green and not mean at all I'VE GOT TRO. it's a huge file, so where do I start?
  2. don't be so sensitive!! sorry. First time is never easy. I'll go and read everything again. thanks again
  3. of course, I have read it. Today is the last day to pay. They gonna send me notice to owner. They ignored me asking to send TrO. I did check the PDF you've sent me. It does show that there are two machines on that street which belong to the same zone P2s,but it doesn't get me anywhere.
  4. so I wrote again to them: Dear , Thank you for the replay to my previous letter. To be honest I was shocked when I've got your letter. I was sure that there was some kind of mistake. I always pay for my parking. That day was no exception as I came to the park with my daughter and a resently born son. From the bay that I've parked the PAY machine was in my sight, so I headed to the nearest. Didn't even know, that there is another one, and the charge is different. The signage wasn't clearly placed or maybe overshadowed with trees. I didnt see it. There's also no information on t
  5. I have checked the map, and indeed it's showing two machines which belong to ZONE P2s. But it doesn't state the amounts. I probably will pay then.. can't seem to find enough evidence
  6. thank you guys! I'll go and read.. also, will ask them to send me these traffic oders. Wish me luck! Will keep you updated
  7. what do you mean? sorry a bit confused here anyway, do you think they gonna take me to the court because of this? I really doubt it..
  8. the machine I used was the nearest in my sight.. about 10-15m away.. The machine I had to use, was not in sight, very far away.. probably about 40 m or so. Also I think they just recently changed that, because the green machine has a flat fee (3.50£), and no hourly breakdawns possible. I live in the area for about 4 years now.. and always used that machine. is there any way I could check since when the new tariffs were introduced?
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