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  1. my lawyer attended hearing, santander barrister would not agree to pay my costs outside the court. inside she was requesting £1900 + more for duration of hearing. judge looked through casework and was not impressed with barrister, he awarded nominal costs of £70 to which she said she wanted directions from the client he told her no time for that , also she wanted adjournment for the lifetime of the mortgage term, my friend sucessfully argued against it and the Judge granted it for 12 months. Barrister was not happy , but i am
  2. santander have comfirmed account is clear, my lawyer friend will attend on my behalf
  3. that is exactly what my friend who is a lawyer said,
  4. arrears cleared on Monday, however solicitors insist on attending court for an adjournment. advice please
  5. arrears have been cleared but Santander stated to contact hamlyns. solicitor is on leave and will contact me on Monday. will not sleep until spoken to him
  6. i am in the process of completing them online
  7. Hi, i fell into mortgage arrears and agreed to repay them @ £350 per month, i could not make that payment last month so have been sent a possesion hearing for 11 july, the arrears are £2720 monthly payment is £604, i have paid in £1700 last week to leave £1k outstanding, i aim to clear the remainder by this Friday. what is the way forward for me. thanks Saj
  8. what is the best way to scan agreements properly ?
  9. i have still not received the agreement for my barclays loan, what should be my next steps.
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