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  1. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum, I'm a new poster and couldn't really see a forum title that matched my problem! CCJ because of domestic violence. Back in 2008 I fled my marital home after years of abuse. All of the bills were in my sole name except Southern Water and although I cancelled these bills, it was done in a hurry with a quick phone call. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a position to check that this was effective and Southern Water didn't cancel my name from the joint bill. I went into a “safe” house and my ex-husband went to jail on firearms charges.
  2. Friend left her marital home in mid-2008, a victim of domestic violence. Her name was changed by the court, (to protect her) at the same time as her divorce was finalized. She is now trying to get a small mortgage, but has been refused on several occasions. On checking her credit rating, we've found that a CCJ has been applied against her previous name and that this is now linked to her new name. This was a bit of a surprise, considering that the court changed her name on all official/government documents! I think she has a good case to overturn the CCJ, because she wa
  3. Not bothered about my credit rating, been only cash for 3 years now and I like it! So I won't worry till I get a letter with court stamp on it, then I'll be back with more questions! Thanks everyone for the advice and moral support. Andy
  4. Here are both pages as a PDF (thanks for the explanation!) Thanks Andy files unzip and merged - dx tr i.pdf
  5. Have tried posting links, but my post rate isn't high enough. Andy
  6. Sorry and what's a phishing list? The debt dates from Jan 2007 and the last payment was sent around Oct 2009. And how do I attach readable scans? Thanks Andy
  7. This is an on-going debt demand and now Cabot have got involved. They claim to have bought the debt from Sainsburys, I was under the impression that Sainsburys had already passed the debt to Westcot (among others).I haven't received a NOA from Cabot just demanding letters, I've sent a CCA letter and then the follow up letter after Cabot failed to return a valid agreement in time, when a copy of the CCA turned up, it was late and hasn't get a signature on it. I also sent the “stop processing my data” letter. I've received this reply: [ATTACH=CONFIG]28196[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]28
  8. That's my gut feeling too, Robinson & Way unloaded the debt onto Westcot after I asked for a DCA and Westcot have just sent me the same info (even later!), that didn't work for Robinson & Way! Still a bit scary though!
  9. Need some advice about this please, about 2 weeks ago I received a letter from Westcot offering " the opportunity to make a reduced settlement"! I've ignored this letter, think it may be an attempt to get me admit that I owe them money. However a few days ago a copy of my CCA tuned up, it's exactly the same one that Robinson & Way sent. (see here) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/221487-newbie-needs-advice-dca.html Is this a valid stand up in court CCA? What should I do? Try for a reduced settlement? I believe that the CCA isn't valid, th
  10. Each insurance company has different ways of handling this situation. Some will allow you to carry on driving, some won't. A few companies will transfer what's left of the policies term to you. Best to ring the company, ask for the "personal support team", don't speak to an ordinary customer agent, they may not know all the ins and outs of this situation! Hope this helps. Andy
  11. Thanks, 12+2 from the original letter? Seems I'm is slowly falling down the DCI food chain!
  12. Robinson Way seem to have gone away, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/221487-newbie-needs-advice-dca.html for the thread. Have now got Westcot onto me! Had the standard notice of debt collection from Westcot, so set them a CCA request, they've just replied " We are not the creditor for this account but instructed on behalf of the above client (Sainsburys)" and they have returned my £1.00, stating that it needs to be payable to Sainsburys and have placed my account on hold for 14 days. What next? Do I take their word that they have Sainsbur
  13. Or maybe not! Haven't got a scanner, so tried using my camera, readable on computer, but not when I upload them. Andy
  14. Digital pics of the front and back of the CCA supllied by Robinsons. They are readable when magnified! Andy
  15. I'll have a try, might take a bit of time! Will bump thread when I do. Andy
  16. And I can't find anything on this which states the credit limit either. Andy
  17. Thanks to everyone who advised, Robinson still haven't given up though! A copy of my credit agreement arrived today (06/11) along with a letter asking me make a "proposal for settlement" of my account. This is about a month and a half after my original request, interestingly, it's not signed or dated by Sainsbury’s bank! Is it a valid agreement and what to do next? Tell Robinson "no CA in time, no agreement"? Thanks
  18. Thanks and very interesting. So my debt may have been sold twice, once to Robinson as part of London Scottish and then to the people who brought Robinson? Will send the letter, have already received my £1 postal order back, it was in the first “we are waiting for the agreement copy” letter! And will stop paying. Thanks once again Andy
  19. Tried Mr.TONs letter and Robinson Way replied "account on hold and a copy agreement requested", this was on 05/10 about a week after I sent Mr.TONs letter. Along with this reply, was a statement of insolvency for a group of companies called London Scottish (bank, computer, finance, etc.). Are London Scottish anything to do with Bank of Scotland who operate the Sainsbury’s bank? Or is Robinson Way part of this group? Still haven't received a copy of my credit agreement, just a letter saying the account is on hold and that Robinson are still waiting for Sainsbury’s to pass the agr
  20. Thanks, I'll try that. Just annoyed that Sainsburys didn't even warn me that they weren't happy with the debt management plan! Andy
  21. Received a demand from Robinson Way & Co with reference to my Sainsburys credit card. This card is part of a CCCS Debt Management Plan, I owe (with charges) around £2300 on the card and £8000 in total. I had a telephone call from the DCA (Robinson Way) asking me to pay the full debt at once, I explained that it was part of a management plan and was told that "they'll look into it and contact me" This was the first I knew that the debt had been passed to them. About 6 weeks later I then received a final demand from them (the DCA) and now Sainsburys won't talk to me, referring me
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