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  1. she did reply to the 2nd letter stating that she never recieved the first one, and denying the allegations at the same time, and now this ACS has sent out the first one, with a load of other mumbo jumbo to do with ip addresses and such, so she should still reply to that one as well?
  2. This morning my mum got the first letter from ACS that she was supposed to have recieved, do you think she should respond again or wait for a 3rd letter:confused:
  3. I emailed the SRA and have had a reply back saying the complaints are being looked into as a whole, so it seems we may finally be getting somewhere
  4. POWER to the little people lolololol http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ if you go here and type in your postcode it will give you the names and contact details of your local MP (I hope admins allow this link)
  5. just emailed my local MP and now I call the other places, this bloke gotta realise he cant get away with being a big bully (in my personal opinion ;D), just emailed the SRA now, easier to keep a record of emails than telephone conversations lol
  6. i been to that website, i got the template acs letter from there but not sure which other bodies to write to? can you send link in a Private message? maybe admins will allow that?
  7. I'm just worried now that my mum is going to have to pay for something that she didn't do, its unfair how people like ACS can get away with doing these things, I just heard on the news about a postal strike so her letter will end up there later than next day signed for which costs £4.95
  8. its definately not a claim form, I think its probably the 2nd letter that gets sent cos you dont answer the first one, but if you never recieved the first one, how you supposed to respond
  9. no, it was saying that we had 7 days to respond else they would take us to court blah blah etc and get even more money, £500.00 plus £1000.00 in costs, how can people like this get away with it, is beyond me
  10. my mum recieved a letter from these people saying that she had not replied to their previous letter about d/l this Scooter CD, we never even recieved a first letter, so we composed a letter back using the template and edited it to say we never even recieved a first letter so how were we able to respond, being sent recorded delivery today, our CAB wasnt much help to be honest, got more help by reading these forums. The template letter is here http://beingthreatened.yolasite.com/resources/Writing%20a%20Letter%20of%20Response%20to%20ACS.pdf if anyone wants to see the letter I composed a
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