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  1. Cheers Andy, A very big thank you to yourself and other members of the CAG for your help and guidance. Regards Dogbert
  2. Had a bit of a surprise this weekend, got a notice of discontinuance from Arrow Global with approx. 3 weeks to court case. What happens now, can I still claim for my time defending this? Am I right in thinking that AG can start the process all over again if they choose? [ATTACH=CONFIG]43354[/ATTACH]
  3. Ah ok, so I dogbert etc and then numbered paragraphs as per the numbering on my defense statement but just write in less formal terms?
  4. Hi Andy, Attached is a draft of my witness statement, not sure if I need the bit in italics. If it's ok I will post this off this week. Regards Dogbert [ATTACH]42848[/ATTACH]
  5. ok, I will do that, do I just need to state in the witness statement that MBNA, DFX and AG have all failed to comply with my section 78 request and that the account is in dispute until they comply? Regards Dogbert
  6. Andy, is it worth me going for a N244 application to strike out (without hearing) if neiter myself or AG have not submitted any evidence to the court?
  7. Correct Andy, I have submitted nothing to the court. Didn't send anything to AG because they should have everything that I was going to use as evidence. Also worth noting AG do not have the agreement which they listed as evidence they will be using in court.
  8. Here we go, notice of allocation below... [ATTACH=CONFIG]42477[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42478[/ATTACH]
  9. correct....unless AG have submitted to the court but not to me. The letter I got was dated 11th March and said nothing about any docs sent to the court.
  10. Sorry Andy, I missed your previous question. no AG had sent me nothing by the 28th Feb but I got the letter with the T&C's, a couple of card statements, assignment letter and default letter on the 12th March. And yes this is on the small claims track even though it is approx. 5.5k
  11. To say I am fuming is an understatement, attached is the CCA that Arrow Global are taking me to court with - I have waited nearly 3 years for this and this is the best they can do! [ATTACH=CONFIG]42349[/ATTACH]
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