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  1. HI hotmamma, your not alone in this and like you said we will live to tell the tale quick quid have advised me of the same payment methods so will have to send them a postal payment me thinks....does anyone know where to send this by the way? I'll keep posting so you can see where i'm up to. Good Luck Aine
  2. Hi All Quick update, wageday advance have emailed me saying - Hello Kerry We will not set anything up until after your due date. Regards Richard King Collection Manager surely because i have given them more then 2 weeks notice i can disoute any interest or penaulty fee that add? Any advice would be great Thanks Aine
  3. Hi all Quick update, Wageday Advance have reinstated there DD which i have re-cancelled Qick Quid have mailed saying they cannot accept any payment other then DD or debit card??? but i dont want them to have my card details. Does anyone know whatelse i could do? I still haven't heard from some of the lenders, i have re-sent emails again advising this is the 3rd time of me trying to contact them and come to some arrangement. Thanks Aine
  4. Hi Lingylulu I have some of the same creditors as yourselve and am having similar issues please read my thread, but i do have uncle bucks bank details if you would like them so even if you decide not to accept there offer you can still pay them something which shows your willing to pay if you would like these pm me. Aine
  5. Thanks for all the advice i have recontacted the lenders that have yet to reply again explaining my situation and await there reply. I just look forward to sorting this mess and not being in this posistion again. Aine
  6. Hi Suz Thanks for the advice, as it is i am already budgeting hense being able to offer the lenders a decent and affordable amount and i think if i lost anymore weight my mum would through a fit as i have lost so much already through worry and stress. But i get what you mean. Thanks Aine
  7. Thanks for that paydaypayback, makes me feel a little more at ease knowing that. Aine
  8. Thanks robjam makes me feel less anxious about the whole thing and am starting to feel more optomistic now a couple of them have accepted my offers. lets hope the others are as nice. Thanks Aine
  9. Hi Thanks robjam will keep post updated. MJC - no i'm not in the cooling off period . Lets just hope the bank donet let any payments go through. I still haven't heard back from PTP,1month,payday express,mrlender,wageday advance,quick quid should i get worrid they haven't replied? thanks Aine
  10. Hi All Another update, i have received an email from payday uk saying the following - Dear XXXX, Many thanks for your email. We will need to try payment as per your Loan Agreement on 25/09/2009. If this payment fails then a member of our repayment team will contact you. Payment is taken from the Debit Card provided and not by Direct Debit. Please check with your card issuer regarding any authorisation charges. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0871 271 6111. Our office is open 9am - 8.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 4pm on Saturday. Kind Regards, Alison Customer Services it seems they did not read my email properly or they would know i cancelled my card!!! I have sent the following rely could anyone advise if this was the right thing to do or what else i should do? Hi I have cancelled my card and revoked authorisation and have advised the bank no payements are to come off my cancelled card. I would like to make payement to you before i come into arrears and would very much appreciate your bank details so i can set up a standing order, i have given you ample notice that i cannot afford the payment and have offered a reasonable payment plan option, any charges incurr from the bank which is a direct result of yourselves will mean longer for me to clear the debt and i may have to pass this debt onto my DMP and let them negotiate with you and it will probably be for a lower offer amount. Please help as i am trying to be as helpful as possible. Regards XXXX anyone's input would be great. thanks Aine
  11. Hi robjam i have asked my work to pay my wage into another account but i wont know for sure if they have done it intime until next week when my HR departmnt re-opens. I have spoken to the bank and they have assured me my card has been stopped and my direct debits cancelled but have said there is nothing i can do to stop unauthorised DD's being set up and i just have to keep an eye on my account. Anything furthur i should do r is it just a waiting game now? Thanks Aine
  12. hi all i have had an email from uncle buck saying the following. Account xxxxxx We will accept monthly payments of £50 per month for a three month period only, to be reviewed again after this time. Please advise how the payments will be made for us to set this up. Regards This is a good start so far isn't it or do you think they will try and be sneaky and still set up a DD? Thanks Aine
  13. hi all thanks for all the advice. Ihave today sent letter to all my lenders and am waiting on replies, i ahve also cancelled my card and cancelled my direct debits, i just hope this is enough. I will keep you all posted. thanks Aine
  14. Hi Thanks for advice i will start now and will let you all knowhow i get on. Really appreciate your advice Aine
  15. Hi robjam Thanks for your reply. Any idea what i put in the emails to them? Do i just email them on the address's on there webiste? Thanks Aine
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