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  1. Thanks for your reply supasnooper. Ive attached a copy of the amended defence, hopefully rci will finally get their act together. In the xxxxxx County Court Case No xxxxxxxxxx Between: RCI Financial (Claimant) V (Defendant) Amended Defence I, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx make this statement as my amended defence to the claim brought about by RCI Financial Ltd. Particulars of the original claim have still not been disclosed to the defendant and the correspondence received to d
  2. RCI have now complied with all of the courts requirements and the couret have permitted me to file an amended defence. Rci have not supplied a full breakdown of the costs of the original action but have sent details of an amended excess mileage charge. As this is the only tangible figure that i have had from them do i make reference to this in my ameneded defence and settle the claim or do i need to persue any further form filling or processes? Thaks
  3. OK so now i get a letter from the court telling me that unless RCI submit their AQ within a week the claim will be struck off? Does this mean that RCI will have to reissue the claim again or call it a day? also does this mean that my credit history will revert backto normal?
  4. Hi any advice would be appreciated
  5. Ok so now something quite strange has happened. i returned my AQ to the court a couple of days ago and today i received a copy of a letter from RCI (original sent to court) confirming that they have no objections to the set aside. They also attached a photocopy of the original agreement showing the excess mileage charges and confirmed that the total amount owing following "re-calculation" is significantly lower than the original judgement amount ( 2/3 lower)Now i'm thinking that either they were attempting to fleece me and have now realised that they are dealing with someone who knows what t
  6. Recieved my AQ today anf have a couple of weeks to return it. Still no word from RCI. I'm a bit concerned about any fees, i have already paid £75 to have the ruling set aside and the AQ makes reference to fees payable? Also on the "other information" should i just list the amount of requests that i have sent to RCI for the POC and their lack of response/acknowledgment? Thanks
  7. Hello again - any advice on my defence in addition to that of Robinway would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi and thanks for all of your replies. I have a N9B form for my defence, should i attach a letter detailing my efforts to obtain POC from RCI? Should i keep it brief or use the original defence that i posted and just omit the embarresed part? I'm concerned about requesting the details of the POC directly from the court as Robinway suggests for two reasons, firstly postal strikes will cut it fine for submitting the defence and secondly too much information in my hands is dangerous lol. I understand from supasnoopers post that i could request these on the AQ after i submit my defence? (p
  9. I have attached a copy of the embarrassed defence that i shall be submitting to my local court in my defence. If anyone has read my thread i hope that they may agree that i am stumbling through the dark with my actions and can only hope that my ham fisted actions will not make my situation worse. The upshot is i discovered by accident a ccj that i knew nothing about, i had it set aside, i sent of 3 letters and a SAR and a CPR31.14 to RCI as no details of the claim had ever been seen by me or recived. No response to the letters so an AOS was sent to the court and now i need to submit my d
  10. Still no word from RCI!, they now have a SAR and CPR 31.14 received from me and the deadlines ae imminent. I will need to submit an embarrassed defence (i think) as i have no details/paperwork relating to the CCJ. Could somebody advise if this is the case and also provide some guidance on it's wording. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  11. ok, so i've posted off the acknowledgement of service today as well as the cpr 31.14. fingers crossed that what i'm doing is correct!!!!
  12. Is anybody available to give any advice, thanks
  13. Hi supasnooper thanks for the prompt reply. Are the first 2 paragraphs giving too much info to rci? Also am i right in thinking that i return my acknowledgement of service, get the cpr31.14 off as soon as poss and if no reply from rci within the 7 days file my defence at the court. Thanks
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