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  1. I don't remember having a default notice. A lot of stuff was going on in 2006 and I probably just threw it out with the rubbish if I did get one.
  2. No terms and conditions where sent with the CCA request so I can't look them up. There are another 2 pages but that just a copy of the original application form. http://www.urban-society.com/IF/page1.jpg http://www.urban-society.com/IF/page2.jpg
  3. I have an Intelligent Finance credit card and send them a CCA request since I defaulted in 2006. Was paying Blair Oliver and Scott via Payplan. I Told Payplan I no longer needed their help and sacked them thats when I did the CCA request and stopped paying Blair Oliver and Scott. Since I got the credit agreement back I noticed its not been signed by IF but I signed it and dated dec 2001 Blair Oliver and Scott send me 1 letter every week to two weeks with various levels of threat. Last one was that they have been instructed to start court action against me for the debt.
  4. Hi all, My girlfriend singed an agreement on Saturday for a house we where going to live in. We had already seen the house for about 20-30 mins furnished with its previous occupier. We felt a bit pressured on the street to take the property then after going on saturday to sign the agreement and going to the house again my girlfriend just said "NO!" not living here. We went back the agent within 2 hours of signing the agreement and he basically told us to get lost "you signed it now your in a legally binding contract" This morning he wants us to pay fees for marketing the pr
  5. Moorecroft did exactly the same with me and dont want anymore contact with them I have to speak to OC now. So take that one as a win! Contact the OC now with your CCA
  6. the agreement is from 2003 also not recieved any statements which came into enforce 1st Oct 2008
  7. 1) Credit Card with Intelligent Finance which is now being chased by Blair Oliver Scott 2) Lombard Direct Loan now being chased by Moorcroft I was handling the debt via payplan but decided to stop paying them (told them i no longer wanted them to act on my behalf) a couple of months ago and starting reading this website to see if i can hassle them for a change and have been requesting proof of debt from both of the DCA's and have finally after only getting responses from Moorcroft have sent both CCA requests. I tried the freeman-of-the-land method but blair oliver scott just sen
  8. Yes I sent them on 14 Sep 09 and signed for on 15th. Should I just wait for a reply?
  9. I send 2 CCA requests and the 12+2 working days end today. No mail yet what happens next?
  10. I requested as part of the freeman-of-the-land approach from Moorecroft they sent this back and nothing else then a letter a few days later saying they are will follow their normal practices to recover the debt. It has PPI insurance on it looking at the other threat regarding multiple agreements wondering if this is at all enforceable. I have also requested a CCA the proper way now. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/171037-multiple-agreements-falling-within.html
  11. Found the answer to my own question: Financial services - Consumer Credit Act 2006 - Post-contract information - Wragge & Co - UK Law Firm Requirements for periodic statements - fixed-sum credit agreements. A new Section 77A in the 1974 Act requires lenders under regulated fixed sum credit agreements to give their borrowers a statement within a year, starting on the day the agreement is made, and thereafter at intervals of not more than one year. Statements must continue to be given until the credit is fully repaid or settled. This obligation applies to existing as well as
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