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  1. Just looked at the agreement again... there is a Conditional Fee Agreement which the solicitor will send me if the case is accepted. It includes insurance, which they will pay for, to cover the cc companies legal costs if we lose. ie, no further cost to me no matter what.
  2. you ever heard of a cc company going to court and winning on a challenge to the enforcibility of the contract? I do not think it has happened. My understanding is that if they are in breach of the law it is quite obvious. If the contract is indefensible, or if the don't have the signed contract it is over.
  3. Its 'no win no fee'. Uncle in law - ie. my wife's uncle
  4. It gets checked out by a lawyer and then if they find they can pursue it (usual they say) they take it to court on no win no fee, and they claim costs against the cc company. no further charges to me. If they look over the contract and the document is enforcable, so they cannot pursue it, I get back my £295. They say they can do this because of the high rate of unenforcable contracts. It is a regulated registered company and it was recommended by my uncle-in-law who is an accountant.
  5. I am happy to find this thread. I have received the same letter. What a load of rubbish. I can't believe that they have the balls to invent this stuff! I have actually recieved two 'reconstituted' agreements. One has the original address where the card set up, and the other is a different (although the same) agreement with my new address and different interest figures. Of course I did not get a new agreement at this new address to sign. The entire this is an invention. I have three cards which I am challenging though a company who does this (£295 per card - money back if no claim p
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