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  1. Sorry:( I hope he is as understanding as her and doesnt go trough the csa. You might come to a private agreement, which would mean her directly paying him for the care of the child. Will the child be in join care? The calculation goes down if he is staying at your place as well as resident parents for a certain amount f nights a week. I wish I could help more, but I only know from my experience with them, they willtake your average weekly salary, combined with your partners, -20% (i think) for care of the children living at home with you, and then award him 15% of what's left!
  2. Thanks Erica, I am going to go,i just dont know wha they could have on me! Everything they have must be explainable, due to the fact i have only ever been honest every step of the way. I am just worried as he paid everything, and i dont know if i can prove that i was giving him the money. I know he will do a declaration thingy if he has to, but i dont really want to get him involved in this? I am so stressed about this, so i have no option but to go and hope there is nothing firm, and they just drop it. Wish me luck...
  3. i cant honestly tell you why it quoted at the bottom of my last post, sorry
  4. in a word...yes. Very true. She should claim now for the other 2 children, and then a counter claim would just be dealt with and any maintenance owed would hopefully cancel out the other (assuming you are earning a salary about the same as his?) i dont know to be honest, although i know that my income is used to calculate my partners childs maintenance.
  5. Hi thanks for replying so quickly. What evidence would they have? Thats what i heard also before, but as ive done nothing wrong, could it be something as simple as my bank statements, and a few payments that dont correlate? Im worried due to the fact that he paid all the bills, they were all in his name, so i dont know if that will make me instantly living with him, even if just by default? And no, there is no other address, as he worked away, he used this address as his permanent. I explained this to the hb team when i applied for it, and they never raised any issue with it? do you think it g
  6. forgot to say, i allowed rumour to spread that i was in a relationship, and never did anything to stop it, so it would get back to him and id get no more trouble. But surely if anything was wrong they would have picked me up on it at least before my claim ended, i was living in this situation for 3+ years and never had any trouble,. I even had people from the council round to check my accomodation and they had no troubles with it!
  7. Hi all, i got letter for a Interview under Caution, for tomorrow. It states that they need to interview me about my PREVIOUS claim for benefits, housing benefit and oncome support. I stopped claiming in April of this year as my partner moved in with me. I moved into my privately rented accomodation, from a council house, and was renting from a friend of the family, who works all over the place, so had this house sitting empty for 11 months of the year. I moved here to get away from an abusive ex partner. I went to the Job Centre, and explained and they had no issue with it, also did the sa
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