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  1. This is a copy of the letter i sent orginally: This account is in dispute. On 11/11/2009 I wrote to J D Williams requesting that J D Williams supply me a true copy of the executed credit agreement for this account. In response to this request I was supplied a mere application form which did not comply with the requirements of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The document sent purporting to be a credit agreement does not contain any of the prescribed terms as required by section 60(1) Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Consumer Credit (Agreements) Regulations 1983 (SI 1983/155
  2. I'm having trouble with JD Williams Solicitors now - they say they have not received the account in dispute letter - in my haste i did not send it recorded - they have taken my account off stop - shall i send the letter again - this time recorded? Esther
  3. It is a bit scary when they speak like that - im so glad i found this forum
  4. Ok thanks UF When i opened it i was a bit stunned - didnt expect to get anything like that Esther
  5. OK - these are my uploaded letters from thw JD Williams solicitor Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks JD 15.01.2010 A.pdf JD 15.01.2010 B.pdf
  6. Ok i cant upload the letters from work - will try again from home later Or - dont know if i can email them to someone who might be able to help ?? Esther
  7. Hi All I've finally had another response - this time from their solicitor. Have attached files again. Please can you advise what i should do now Thanks in advance Esther
  8. Hi Guys I have deleted personal information from my replies and have attached them now. Hope they are ok Thanks Again for your help. Esther:) JD2.pdf
  9. Hi I have received replies to this letter Have attached files - what should i do now? I also received a list of transactions made on my account - do you need to see those? Thanks again for your help on this Esther jd1.pdf jd6.pdf jd5.pdf
  10. Hi - and thansk for the quick response. I think I''ve had it about 2 1/2 - 3 years now. I opened it on the internet.
  11. Hi I am new to this site and really need some help. I had a JD Williams catalogue account which has been passed to Reliable Collections. My situation is that over the past few months i have been fighting a custody battle with my ex paying huge solicitors fees and in my own error admittidly have ignored this account. I owe them £758.07 and really can only afford to pay them £20 a month until i get my finances sorted. I am scared to call them as i dont have any excuse for this and now i have a letter saying a debt collector will call at my home. Please can someone help me -
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