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  1. i had a email i sent it to someone on here to look at but not heard anything back yet... i got a letter from go debt to contact them... not going to though....not sure what to do now..????
  2. no unless child and working tax credits count??
  3. i have sent you another email that i got today.. hope you dont mind...
  4. i am in the same positon... exept mine is 14yrs since i paid last.... i have never had a bill..they have not contacted me for the last 5 yrs.. when they did contact me they wanted 70 month, no way could we affored that..what do i do should i contact them? someone said if you make regular payments they will right off the bill...???
  5. they just phoned again, but it was a recorded message to phone them...i hung up..
  6. they said they was going to turn up at the house or my husbands work place.. will they? they said they will come take our belongings... they want 1500 cash. and they will leave us alone..
  7. thankyou... so what happens? do i need to go see someone? or am i playing them at there own games... threats??
  8. yes it was taken as a deposit...is there anyway i can email this on to you to look at for me?
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