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  1. ^^thats good to hear, everyone should be contacting rights groups, MP's etc. Highlight as much as possible the damaging behavior of ACS.
  2. @piglette, can you say any more about what your solicitors comments where on the letter? It may be of comfort to anyone who's panicking about it.
  3. @judixxx be careful with emailing them as apparently they have a nasty habit of never receiving them, secondly they can't say that you will be taken to court and fined £1k, thats up to the judge, if you are found guilty. Send them a letter via Royal Mail with recorded delivery, then you have proof of receivership. I doubt your machine has been hacked but to be 100% sure make sure you are running an up to date virus checker/firewall (like zone alarm), important for any computer user really.
  4. fair point, could it be that they are filtering out people who send in the template as they know they will be better informed (as they got it from a support forum) then the other guy who sends in a panicky hand written letter and who could be much more likely to pay up asap.
  5. LOD's are here, probably a good idea to paraphrase them though as ACS are saying they don't accept template denials. @djkbkb96, it depends really, if you get a court summons then it's probably worth contacting Lawdit as they are experts here and good at defending the charges. I haven't actually heard of anyone receiving a summons yet so if it's just another pay up or else then you could just keep denying or go for a "put up or shut up" i.e take me to court or cease harassing me, and then call your lawyer if they go for the former.
  6. ^^go to post office first thing tomorrow and send it next day recorded delivery, that way they cannot claim they didn't receive it. ACS are looking for non-respondents so they can get default victories, they don't actually want people vigorously defending themselves as they don't want to go to court on such dubious evidence. Best of luck mate and fight the buggers.
  7. ^^if you are on dynamic then your IP should have changed every so often. Only if you had a static IP would it stay the same usually, maybe you ISP has a policy of always trying to allocate users the same IP's, some do but thats not important as on dynamic your IP can be change at any time. This IP has supposedly appeared in a torrent tracker, Logistep (or someone similar) claim that they have come across this IP in a tracker for a copyrighted file and discovered that the IP was owned by your ISP, they contacted your ISP and were told that that IP at the alleged time of uploading was in use b
  8. @cosmox, chances are you have a dynamic IP address which changes every so often and also when you reboot your router. This IP address does not identify you, only your connection (if it wasn't spoofed). That means that someone may have used your internet connection for uploading something, is your wifi open? Is it locked but could have been hacked (typically WEP security), could someone else in your household have done it? Could your ISP have got it wrong? - It's possible, could ACS have got it wrong? well if you are adamant that no one in your household did it then obviously yes, they have
  9. Hi, new here but been following this with interest so though I'd give my 2p. ACS must be going for default judgements here as with their so called "evidence" any defendant with a good lawyer is going to get them hammered in court. Their only "evidence" is an IP address, something that can easily be spoofed and is still not proof of a person anyway, only a connection. As they get this IP info from a company in Switzerland who is totally unregulated in the UK, a company banned from practicing in Italy and Germany, what's to stop Logistep simply inventing IP's in the hope of getting a fast
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