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  1. Can anyone give some advice as to what I should do next. Thanks.
  2. Don't mean to be a pest but does anyone have any ideas. Would like to get this sorted once and for all. Thanks
  3. With regard to my earlier posts. I had a debt with wescott which i was paying back. After reading posts on this site i decided to ask for the CCA.i duly recived this which i think was enforceable. A week after receiving the CAA I received a furher letter form wescott saying that they were unable to ressove the issue and closed the account with themselves. The original debt was with MBNA who I have put in a claim for missold PPI. Why would wescott have closed the account? Do they feel the CCa is unenforceable?
  4. I have just received a letter from wescot saying that they have closed the account on their system due to being unable to resolve the issues raised. Seems strange as I haven't contacted them since they sent out the CCA for the account. What happens next? Wait for the next DCA to crawl out of the woodwork.
  5. Thanks for that. Yes they did. They state the second sheet is the terms and of the agreement and that it is the back of the Loan agreement.
  6. sorry I don't have access to a scanner so tried to take photograh with my phone. The original is legible but I cannot see anything about a 3rd party having the right to add charges. From what I have read on the site it appears to be a microfiche copy.
  7. Bump. Any thoughts gratefully received
  8. Hi Hope this works. Looks to me like CAA is enforceable but would be glad for other input. If it is I want to claim back the PPI and charges. I will SAr MBNA but what should I say to Westcot who are the DCa chasing payment.
  9. One more question for the moment. Should I have received a deed of assignment from the DCA as part of a CCa request. Thanks
  10. I can't find a loan agreement the same as the one I have been sent but in looking throught the forum it would appear that it may be unenforceable. Can't scan it up at the moment but it does not have separate prescribed terms for the cash advance and the loan insurance. It is an agreement from 2003.
  11. Sorry to but in but wondered if anyone can tell me if there is a specific address at MBNA for ppi claims. Thanks
  12. I have found a suitable letter to send to MBNA re reclaiming PPI. Should I send a copy to the DCA and is there a template to send to the DCA re affirming the account is still in dispute. I have read a lot on the forum and wish I had found it years ago as I have spent many sleepless nights which may have been avoided. I have managed to clear all my debts apart from this one and I could kick myself for just accepting what was said to me. Keep up the good work.
  13. Thank you. Don't have phone cable with me at moment but will upload pictures tomorrow. Can I still place account in dispute over PPI and charges as I am sure that they will cancel out the balance on the debt.
  14. Hi there. Just received copy of agreement from Wescot and wondered if soemone could take a look at it. I do not have access to a scanner but have taken a photograph if soemone could give me advise on how to upload. One thing is it has shown is there is PPi on it which I would not have taken out. I now want to SAR MBNA can I still contend that the account is in dispute to reclaim charges and PPI. Any advise gratefully received. thanks
  15. Still not any word from Westcott. Should I just sit tight. Should I have had an annual statement from them as well as have received nothing so far. So glad I found this site as had no idea of the tricks these DCAs get up to. thanks Jedbird.
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