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  1. Thanks for the reply Sequenci Yeah thats what I would have thought would happen but according to my husband, the OR (or his assistant - it wasn't actually the OR he met with) said that the would be the loan company who would deal with it. We have only made about 3 payments on the vehicle due to my husband having no work. I just wanted to find out if they could just arrive some day out of the blue and lift the car. Would like to be semi prepared and maybe keep an eye out for a cheap car in the mean time
  2. just a bit more info.. We have young children and live in a rural area and require a car for school runs etc
  3. Hi My husband was made bankrupt last month. At his meeting with OR, she said the loan company would take the car back. As usual he didn't ask for any other details as to what would happen so.. Will someone just turn up some day and load the car onto a lorry and take it away or will we get some prior notification. We had a loan agreement for the car with GE Money (not HP) There's about £12k outstanding on it but it's probably only worth about £5- £6k Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi My husband is being made bankrupt on the 10th Feb for a debt owing to a building supplies company of £3000. He's a self employed carpenter and is currently out of work ..has been for a good few months. We don't have the money to pay this so don't have much choice but to let this go ahead. We are currently living on Tax credits and child tax credits, which is paying the mortgage and putting food on the plates of our four children. We also have other debts totally around £25k including a car loan (not HP) for £12500. The car is currently worth probably around £7
  5. Hi Ida Thanks for the reply It's a fixed sum loan - not secured, it was taken out through the car dealer but it's not HP.
  6. Hi Just wondering what would the chances be, of GE Money ..or Link Financial (who now seem to have the debt) accepting a Full & Final? We bought a car in 2008 and have made only a few payments on it as my husband has had little or no work since. (Construction) I was wondering if we sold the car, could we offer them a F&F settlement? If so, how much do you think they would accept? ( - figures are below) * One more question...we received a letter from Link in October stating that the balance owed was £12790.10 - how do they come up with this figure as the original lo
  7. Lol @ LTWFB You're probably right - hope I won't need to find out any time soon tho
  8. lol nice name by the way No, I mean the letter in the templates section - it says "under common English Law", just wondering if this applied to Northern Ireland or would I change it to something else?
  9. Is the Doorstep letter applicable to Northern Ireland or would you change any bits?
  10. Thanks Seminole The agreement was verbal and yes the wife has been threatening court action from the beginning although hasn't taken this route as yet. She left a message on the phone last night to say someone would be around to collect the full amount outstanding today. I would call ringing after 10pm about a million times, unreasonable! lol Also on another occasion, when she called to the house and I didn't answer the door, she began shouting through the letterbox - I think she's actually a bit nuts to be honest!!lol Is there anyone other than the police that I can report her
  11. My husband is self employed in the construction industry. In early 08, he subcontracted a job to another contractor and verbally agreed a price but when the subcontractor invoiced him it was for a substantial amount more - about £1200 more. He contacted the subcontractor who insisted this was what was owed. He has given them around £1200 so far but due to lack of work, he simply doesnt have the money to pay him and has told him so. (By the way, my husband invoiced the original Client with the original price given by the subcontractor so he would stand to made a huge loss if he were to
  12. I'm no expert but you could try phoning or writing to them to request that they send you confirmation that the debt will not be pursued by them or a third party in the future. Someone of better knowledge could tell you whether or not this would be the right thing to do.
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