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  1. The DVLA state allsorts of things as being 'the law'....when you ask them to share the relevant bit of law they go awfully quiet...becasue often they seem to make stuff up!!! Good luck...stick to your guns...you should be fine Andrew
  2. I did consider the costs thing....I realitiy the only actual cost was the £1.70 parking plus a bit of ink and paper in my printer. Hadn't really thought about notional costs to be honest...just glad to have won and get out of what has to be one of the most depressing buildings in the world!
  3. Not quite show how jeans every qualified as smart/casual. Sounds to me like the head is simply trying to enforece an existing rule. I'm strugling to see how asking someone to where black trousers and a polo shirt could be seen as unreasonable, even if it is a shirt with the school logo on it. Andrew
  4. Hello All, Good news....the morning unfolded thus. Arrived at court prepared, following advice on this and other threads I'd prepared a statement to read if I was asked, so I didn't forget anyhting. Taken copies of the relevant legislation etc. Arrived at court in good time. The Prosecutor for the DVLA was talking to each of those who turned up in turn, which I thought a little strange. When it was my turn I was undecided whether to tell her anything or wait until court. But I thought that as I had been open and honest in all my deailing with the DVLA until this point I should c
  5. I'm in court tomorrow re the appeal. I've prepared the few documents I have, I've already sent copies to the court (as requested) and I'm taking 3 copies with me just in case. Never been to court before (apart from Jury Duty) so I am feeling a little on the nervous side. I'll post the outcome tomorrow. Thanks for all the help and support so far. Andrew
  6. Earlier today I was taking with a friend, who, it turns out, has had not a wholly unsimilar situation. In this case they, by accident, ommitted to renew there road tax. Car got towed, a fine paid, back tax paid (for the month with not tax) plus a new tax disc purchased. When all of this was paid in person at the DVLA office it was confirmed that this was the end of the matter. 3 month later for court hearing was received in the post. I fine had been sent 2 months earlier but not received (Does this sound familiar). Phone calls and letter communication with DVLA was made but they
  7. Hi guys, I received another letter from the court today. This one headed 'Further Steps Notice' It lists all the things that will happen if I don't pay within 10 days then there is a section at the end of the letter. 'Appeal You have the right to appeal to the court against the Fines Officer's decision. Such appeal must be in writing, stating the reasons for your appeal and supported by any written evidence you have. It must be received by this office, at the above address, within 10 working days from th edate of this notice.' Sounds like I've done the right thi
  8. Thanks for your comments guys. The document I received from the court was from Trafford mMagistrates Court and is headed 'Notice of fine and colelction order' This lists the offence (failure to notify secretary of sate of an alteration) fine £175, and two seperate lines headed costs for £60 and £15... total of £250. It lists what can happen if I don't pay (increased fine, deductions from earnings, imprisonment etc) and tells me any queries can be made to the address at the top of the letter. Oh and the letter tells me I must pay by the 1st September, 4 (yes four) working days af
  9. Thanks for your reply I replied to the DVLA because that is what it tells you to do on the court papers. I followed everything it asked me to do, and even rang them to check I had understood the procedure correctly.
  10. Dear All, Found good advice elsewhere on this forum so hoping someone can help here. In July06 I bought a car, received log book etc and everything fine until June 07 when it broke down. At end of June car tax was due. As car was off the road I declared in SORN. In August I decided it was not economical for me to repair so sold it for £200. Filled in log book etc and sent to DVLA. Over the next month my eife had a baby and I changed jobs...amongst all of that I did not realise that I had not received a confirmation from the DVLA. In Aug 08 I received a fine notice from DV
  11. Hello everyone, I've read lots of this site for advise, helpful hints etc but this is my first post. Just thought I'd let everyone know about my first sucess. A few years a go I suffered an illness and was off work for about 3 years. During this time my wife and I got into debt. Following advise on this site we have mangaged the following: With companies with enforecable agreements we have got the companies to freeze charges and interest and agree to a payment plan we can afford. We are still investigating a few debts to establish if they are enforecable but got a
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