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  1. I won't be full settlement recieved in the bank today. Just need to tell the court now.
  2. Phoned up SCM today and they said a full refund has been agreed and will be credited into my account in the next few days. Over the moon its been a long time.
  3. Yes my case against Lloyds is on the 21st December. I didnt fill in a AQ as I won the case by default but due to not knowing what to do Lloyds had the case set aside (5th September). I will prob phone SCM again on Monday to see if they will be representing Lloyds. As I live in Cardiff I will be going to the hearing on the 21st. The only thing I can think of that the bank will kick off about is the interest on the overdraft charges.
  4. Not heard anything yet which is a bit worrying as I am claiming against Lloyds Bank as well. Any advice on the court case?
  5. Phoned up SCM today and they said they haven't had any directions on the case from lloyds yet as its too early. So the waiting continues....
  6. Will call them tomorrow as I am in work at the moment and ain't got my details at hand.
  7. Best give them a call then. Will make my Christmas if it is all sorted out before the court date.
  8. Best give the solicitors a call then. I have done exactly how this forum tells you to persue a claim so hopefully won't have any problems. Keep on worrying that a technicality on the interest might cause problems tho. Also post goes missing where I live due to the posties not recognising there are two addresses and not one.
  9. The default judgment was set aside and so I now have a directions order set for the 21st december.
  10. I have a case with Judge G Hickinbottom on the 21st December as well. Heard nothing yet from Lloyds or their solicitors tho. Would it be a good idea to phone them? The case was set aside due to lloyds not submitting a defence.
  11. I am in the same position as u stadium arcadium. I am at court with Lloyds on the 21st in Cardiff as well.
  12. I really need some help with this. It seems like no one wants to help. I have sent a warrant to to court and they have now sent it to Lloyds but nothing has happened. What do I do? I really need to know as its been going on for weeks now and I have heard nothing.
  13. Right I posted before but no one replied so will start a new thread. I need some help with my claim. Lloyds didn't acknowledge the claim so I won by default. The judgement has been issued and accepted by the court and a warrant has now been sent to Lloyds. What happens now? Can they appeal against the warrant? Would there be a reason why they didn't acknowledge the claim? Any help and advice will be greatfully appreciated.
  14. I really need some help as not sure what is happening. From moneyclaim the judgement request has been accepted so I can now file a warrant to Lloyds? The address I have used is the customer care address since the start of the claim is this correct?
  15. Right I put in a claim with moneyclaim and Lloyds have had 14 days to acknowledge the claim but haven't. When I go to my claim now it says I have won by default. Can Lloyds still acknowledge the claim or have I won? Issued the claim on 7th July and requested a judgement on 1st August.
  16. Hello. Have been looking at this site for a few months but want an answer to a question. I have already filed a moneyclaim (done all the letters and got the same replies as everyone else.) With the overdraft interest (not the charges) that the bank charge me can I claim this back as that is what I have done on the moneyclaim form. £400 overdraft charges £30.86 overdraft interest eg £400 + £30.86 = £430.86 as I was a student when these charges happened my overdraft was 0% until I went over it so the interest would just be the total of these interest charges?
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