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  1. OK, so I've held my nerve and so far remained out of contact with them completely as advised. Now.... just to bring us up to date..... Its solicitor time! Michael Sobell acting on behalf of Graham White Solicitors. The general jist of this one is Central Ticketing contacted you, you ignored, Roxbourghe contacted you, you ignored so now an "Notice of Intended Action". I must now pay a total of £425 to clear the matter up - after various itemised charges (aka crap) have been added. Need to settle within 7 days or their taking my sweet little ass to court. I
  2. The issue rolls on as expected haha. "Roxburghe" debt collectors now. General gist of the letter is the same. Repeats the info they already have including my "offence date" ;-). All about how I agree under T&Cs that its all my fault and that I was on location. Without payment or dispute Graham White is going to get involved in 7 days. I know everything says ignore but i don't really want them turning up at all. Surley theres no harm in: . Anyways, advice is welcome as always . And if I did send the letter above doesn't that mean under FSA ru
  3. OK, thank you everyone for your reassurance. Back to ignoring again.........
  4. On the contrary, I'd rather not waste my time. Just checking that my non respondance cannot be counted as acceptance of the waffle in their letters about me being responsible, ever being there, being the driver etc - all the things I deny above.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance. I'm just worried as per above . I'll try to not let it bother me...
  6. I suppose you have a point in there. So even if it was deemed unreasonable it would be kind of equal as its an unreasonable answer to an unreasonable action? (I guess?!?) I can also see you point. However it seems like a little more, as its no some random person from Uganda wanting to deposit money in my account or someone in the US wanting to sell my Viagra - its people who have gone to the trouble of finding out who I am, where I live etc etc believing that I owe them something. I've done lots of reading since I first was aware of it. And I know what you mean.
  7. And just to add at that time they had also authorised removal. So they are quick off the mark!
  8. I have to agree that Manchester CC act the same in these instances. I got a PCN from Manchester City Council at 8:05 - restricted parking having come into affect 5 mins earlier at 8:00
  9. Haha, definitely agree! I had to try and lighten the mood and my worry by reading their motto several times and each time realising that, as suggested, they are indeed lacking integrity, fairness and honesty along with a good spell checker or reasonably intelligent typists . Bernie seems to suggest in the templates that ignoring can be construed as unreasonable in court. Can it? Also, I would love to see the evidence of alleged contravention at said car park as the car in question has never been to said car park with me or anyone else for that matter!
  10. Oh I have had a chuckle about it - and also nearly cried that they have sent it (thought they'd forgotten). I know recently that everyone has said ignore ignore ignore which I am balanced just about over 50% on doing - although it does seem hard to not defend myself. Also the note about this going against you if it goes to court (and I know thats a big if) - does that still stand? Is it unreasonable to ignore it? Secondly, does anyone have any comment on CTs motto on their letters - "Integrity, Fairness, Honesty"?
  11. OK then so they haven't forgotton. Further advice would be greatly appreciated. I now have a lovely "Formal Demand Before Court Action" with me. Apart from their obvious issues with being able to spell or use correct grammer in the letter I notice that once again, the location of the "offence" has changed to another location........ It would seem they can't seem to make their mind up about where the car in question was alledgedly parked. Theres quite a bit of waffle..... Ticket was placed on aforementioned vehicle, chance to pay discounted amount expired blah blah, we wan
  12. Just as an addition to this thread - its now 19 days since my ticket and i've heard nothing from these clowns despite their assurances I will hear off them within 14 days should I not cough up the ridiculously over priced £65 reduced parking charge! I would like to think that they've forgotten about me but I am fully prepared to receive some new toilet paper in the post shortly . Who knows, maybe they don't bother chasing them any more? Has anybody had any recent experience with CT not chasing payments or sending letters?
  13. Well, I'm now quite a few days over the 2 weeks since my ticket has been issued and I've not heard anything so far - even though they say I will hear from them after 14 days. Anyone think they may have given up already or forgotton about me?
  14. Thanks for clearing that one up hanley duck . Now I just have to sit back and wait to see what they throw at me!
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