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  1. Well I phoned today and spoke to the person who wrote me the first offer, I said I was declining his offer but would accept the full amount minus the interest a bit of haggling later I got £1100.00 yes I know its £90 less but I am well happy He said did I have the original acceptance form (with the £712 offer) and to delete that and put in the new figure - I have done this and will make sure I have a photo copy of it before I send back. - Do I need to enclose a letter with this as well? many thanks George for your time, I have given you a good review on the little scales
  2. thank you I will do that tomorrow and let you know how I get on many thanks Smitts
  3. are you saying phone them before sending the response to settlement letter and acknowledge I have received there offer of £712 and decline this and mention that I will accept the £1,190.00 which is without intrest. and see what he says
  4. thank you for a quick response this is the letter (template with my totals added) I used from Money saver I am writing to request that you repay all the default charges that have been applied to my account. I do not believe these charges reflect the true cost to Halifax Bank of going into unauthorised overdraft. The charges total £1,190.00 plus as I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of the money I have calculated £230.00 interest at the statutory rate, the amount the court will award. I therefore ask that you repay me the full amount of £1,420.00 I have attached a
  5. Hi I started of on the Moneysaver website with their template letter (sorry forgot about this site and thought the letters would be the same). I used the letter that asks for the the return of my bank charges plus intrest, which totalled £1,420.00 . And used this letter as my first letter to ask for my money back Bank charges: Reclaim them, they're unlawful, so you can get six years money back | MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge, Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more, I have now had a letter off Halifax offering me half the money - which I am not going t
  6. Hi yes will do have printed of the non compliance letter tonight to send tomorrow (recorded) and have been reading what happens next so I am ready in 7 days! I have let it go for so long as have been so busy with little one, now the weather is colder we are indoors more so have the time to go on line - I will now be chasing them let me know how you get on take care smitty
  7. Hello Because Halifax has taken so long in sending my bank statements I am still missing a few (I am send a letter tomorrow regarding them not compling to the data protection act) I have now gone over 6 years worth of statements and charges Can I claim over 6 years Many thanks Smitty
  8. hi maggie halifax are doing the same to me so will be sending the data protection act letter for non compliance to them tomorrow - frustration as I started in march! good luck
  9. Hi thanks for your reply my first contact with them was through a Data Protection letter I think of this site since then its has been through phone calls do I send the Data Protection Act Non-Compliance letter even though they have sent me all the other years accept 2004
  10. Hello everyone I started the process back in March 2006 and you are not going to believe this but I am still waiting for 2004 statements from the Halifax I was chasing for 2004 and 2005 but I now have 2005's (in september) I will be searching on here, but does anyone have a link or a good letter I can now send to Halifax about still not receiveing the statements, as I have been ringing and ringing - they have all the details as they have refunded me the £5 to apologise (that was in september) but still no 2004 statements. I have made sure I have kept details of phone calls times and who
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