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  1. It just seems that they have given up. They haven't chased me for any money or anything since the beginning of the year and haven't responded to the court. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks Andy, If the claimant does object, does the stay get lifted? Just trying to see if I'm potentially opening up a bigger can of worms, so to speak.
  3. Hi Andy, Sorry what does Aos mean? Well the defence I submitted stated I dispute this amount in full but cannot prepare a full defence until the DCA has submitted me with their documentation etc. I think this was my attempt at a holding defence. Anyway the claim has been stayed so just trying to find out how likely I am to get it struck out and if there are any tips on getting it struck out. Thanks
  4. But the claim is already stayed. I thought a holding defence only gets the claim stayed?
  5. I told the court I inted to defend the claim in full, however I cannot file a full defence until the claimant has sent me the documentation etc. I told the court I have sent the claimant a CPR request which I did. They have not responded to myself or the court. I now have to fill in the N244 form and decide whether to have a hearing for £75 or no hearing for £40. So this is where I am with it and I'm a litte unsure of the best course of action. I also really don't want to waste my money, if it is unlikely it will be struck out, so I'm hoping someone can advise me on where to go with i
  6. Hello, I've been following a few peoples advice on here and have now reached the stage of attempting to get a claim struck out. I spoke to the court today and they have confirmed the claim I am defending has been stayed. Just to recap this was a debt where finance was taken out on a electrical item. I have disputed the amount in full and I have asked for evidence. Nothing has come back and 7 months has passed. The court have confirmed that I can apply to get the claim struck out. I am keen to do this, however the court say it will cost £40 withthout a hearing or £75. I was
  7. Thanks for that, I assume it would be stayed so will see if I can get it struck out. If it is struck out will it have to be removed from my credit hisory?
  8. It was for finance on an item purchased a few years ago. I made an offer on the debt, they refused it and then I got court documents from the court saying said DCA has started proceedings and I have x amount of time to respond. I thought I would see what evidence they had as it was a few years ago and decided to to dispute the amount in full. I submitted my response in December last year and have heard nothing since. When I log online the status is still the same. I would like to get this cleared up either way but don't want this to contiune effecting my credit history. I was think
  9. Hi, A while ago I received a notice saying a DCA was taking me to court for around £350. I decided to dispute the amount in full and asked for evidence and have heard nothing since. What do I do now? Any hep much appreciated. Thanks
  10. so they are not supposed to be doing that? Can you not right to the CRA and ask them to remove?
  11. one of the DCA's aquired the debts around 4.5 years ago and the other one around 2.5 years ago.
  12. Thanks, 100% positive, I have made no payment or acknowledged the debts for over 7 years. There are also no ccj's logged against me so I am sure they are statute barred.
  13. Good Afternoon, I was looking for some advice on my credit file. Right here goes, I have 2 credit card debts which I believe are statute barred. I have recently obtained a copy of my credit file and these debts are still being reported by the indvidual DCA's as defaulting on a monthly basis. I do not want these statute barred debts to effect my ability to obtain credit in the future and would like to clean up my credit file. I would like to know if statute barred debts can still be reported on your credit file as defaulting and if payment is the only way to improve the
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