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  1. && in regards to the above that happened on fri 13 feb concerning AAA i was outside having a cig talking to a friend as AAA passedgoing back into the office I heard him say I'm going to put through her window, I presumed he was talking to the driver as she was nearest to him. Witness 2 To whom it may concern on fri 13 feb I and a few other people were sat outside when AAA was supposed to have made threats towards someone else in our office. I was sat next to AAA but was having a conversation with someone else about a stag do we are going on in march, but under no circumstances did
  2. Hi here are the two witness statements against him, Witness 1. DDD At Approx 9.40am on friday 13th Feb 09 AAA thrreantd to put a brick through a third parties window. Mr AAA also used foul language towards the third party, the words used during the sentance was "****ing bitch". AAA also said the third party also needed to watch their back, AAA was very irrate, when he was saying the above. The third party was not outside in the yard when this happened. Witness 2. I heard AAA on friday 13th Feb2009 say to the Driver he was going to put a brick thorugh the third parties window. Wi
  3. yes that is all correct quite confusing is'nt it ??????
  4. hi that was the first incident the line manager was stood right by his side and he did not swear just complained that they were not doing extra wok like everybody else. he went outside for a cig and he was talking to his friends another driver said that my partner had made these commets about the other driver outside this is what they have dismissed him for
  5. the area manager did not think it ncessary to interview the other witnesses as he thought that there was enough grounds to charge him with gross misconduct from the 2 witness statements that the line manager had taken. yes the union rep brought his clan rcord to their attention they were fully aware of it. The line manager did tick him off ih the office but then he was supposed to have made this threating accusation outside after she had ticked him off. Q1, he was on full pay during untill he was dismissed. Q2 They did say that although his record was clean they thought that the like
  6. Hi the following 1. He was suspended on 13th February 2.formal conduct interview with the area manager was on 3rd March 2009 3 Before the Disciplinary Hearing. a) he got a letter from the area manager dated 25/02/09 charging him with gross misconduct for foul and abusive language and making threats about a member of staff both allegations were not put simultaneously on the day prior to suspension they were put in different times if a person makes a complaint surley the whole version of events would be explained at the point of initial complaint. b) two witness statements that w
  7. Hi thanks for your help i spent all day sunday trawling through royal mails website you can't get a straight answer out of them thank you again for your help kind regards vicky
  8. Hi I need some help here my partner got sacked from his job as a postman of 21 years there was a lot of things going on in the office he had a firms walk which is a lot of mail to deliver on a bike, the other firms walk all delivered in vans, he asked one of the driver's to take the mail for one of his firms as he could not fit it his bag, she was driving right past it she is on a firms walk and this is done between two people, he blew up and was told off by the manager, anyway he was talking outside to a collegue and he said she drives so close she can get itthrough the window, a friend of
  9. Hi If Any One Can Advise Me My Partner Worked For Royal Mail For 23 Years And Was Sacked Can They Take Away Ther Contirbutions And What Happens To His Pension He Is Due To Have His Tribuneral On The 30/09 For Unfair Dismissal
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