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  1. So yet again another esa50 form to be filled in thats like 5 in the last 2 years . I just had one 10 months ago . Each time i go for a medical. I cant understand why i am getting so many now, I was retired on ill health by the government , my Disabilities are congenital my spinal cord will not miraculously repair it self I feel like im being picked on.... I am busy appealing my PIP decision because i was 2 points short for the higher mobility even though im worse off than when i was on DLA but a non medical assessor physio was able to asses how my neurological and spinal issues e
  2. Hi guys just hoping for a little advice. First off I will give you a little background I am disabled and have congenital spinal deformities etc I was Medically retired by Her Majesties government back in 2009 due to my condition serverly worsening etc. in 2016 I had an op on my spinal cord because to release certain nerves etc and the day after my release had to go for a medical for the DWP, passed that but then 4 - 5 months later had to go for another , again another 5- 6 months later into 2017 had to go for another again passed that . Yet again they have decide to
  3. Well under the government umbrella when you are retired on I'll health the decision is made on if you can do any job they have available , that means any section from benefits or pensions etc it's not just based on the job you are doing. The reason I know this is the capita guy who does the medical says all government run facilities when considering I'll health retirement must asses if that individual could do any other job and if he/she would in the near future be likely to be fit enough to do any kind of work.
  4. Medical retirement was made due to me unable to do an job, as my job was admin and that they have many other types of jobs the decision was made that I would not be able to do any type of work in the near future.
  5. Sorry to hijack this thread. But would like to ask a question about IB to ESA . I am still on IB and have not had any forms as yet to transfer over but Iam interested if anyone can give some advice. I used to work for HMRC and due to my disabilities etc. I was retired on I'll health via CAPITA health . When it's my time to transfer over to ESA will they take into count that it was the uk government that said I was no longer fit to work ? Capita ill health is not easy to get and must show that you are unlikely to get well in the future.
  6. I was retired on I'll health by our government and receive a small pension and if the pension was above a certain amount my IB would reduce so I think any grants would count. As there are no finance options where courses were paid for if on low income,my ou have to apply for student loan to pay for course . Would this gre counted too?
  7. Hi hope someone can answer. As Iam currently unwell I am thinking of starting a degree via the OU as you can study in your own home which will not hinder me. My question is can I do a degree while on IB ? I would have though I would be able to but can't seem to find any rules about this any where.
  8. fraud is less that 0.5% on DLA and they say its not a cost cutting measure. Trust me when i say NHS will not be free in 4 years thery have already made steps to make that the case.
  9. soon this government will have no benefit for disabled people and out NHS will not exist and we will be unable to find any insurance to keep us healthy. Its amazing how an unelected government who promised not to touch our NHS and would help disabled people can do this !!! "one must keep out rich selves rich and to shove the poor and disabled in the gutter where they belong"
  10. anyone advise if this sounds like a good offer ? I didnt have much on the card about 3k
  11. Wel would like some thoughts on this matter please Few months back I got a letter from HBOS about my credit card and that people who had PPI may have been missold it and that if you think you have then to contact them. Anyways I contacted them and said that when i had PPI I was told when i got it that it would cover me no matter what if i fell sick from work. Well I did try and claim from that PPI and was told I couldnt because the condition would be classed as pre-existing even though it was a new sympton but it counts a the back so i decided ok i cancell it. so when I got t
  12. Hi everyone hope someone could advise me. I originaly applied for a credit card via amazon.co.uk which was underwritten by halifax. Now the apr when i applied was 9.9% which i also transfered from an existing card. Now over the last 18 months the apr went up 12% to then 16% and then 19.9% which i phoned and said i could not afford it to go to 19.9% Are they allowed to do this ? as the reason I got the card was due to the low intrest rate. I do have a halifax one card with apr 9.9% which i have had for many years and the interest rate has not increased once. Anyway back
  13. With your disability on higher rate you would get an element for disability , depending on her wage she may have been alowed a certain ammount of working tax credit. again this depends on all the information and probability etc she may have been correct thinking you were possibly entitled to something but at the end of the day the only thing which can give you a gaurenteed answer is the system that takes all your information and calculates everything to see how much you can get if anything atall.
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