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  1. Vile woman!!! "Disability People"??????????
  2. Miracle for me. Stopped smoking real cigs last August. Six months in and I cannot recommend e-cigs highly enough. I knew patches etc, wouldn't work for me - but e-cigs have. I felt the health benefits within days and would never smoke real cigs again. Although we all know the health benefits, when you actually experience them that's when you realise just how bad cigarettes are for your health.
  3. I'm using an e-cigarette, now into my third month. What I'd like to say is this: although all smokers know the benefits of not smoking, it's only when you stop that you actually do experience these benefits. I have never felt better - no more coughing/sore throat in the mornings/no smell/teeth and mouth so much cleaner. I would never go back to smoking tobacco. I've alway had good senses of smell and taste - so can't comment on these being improved. Next step is cutting down on the time I use the e-cig...............which I will eventually - but I'm not putting a timescale on anything - I will wean myself off the nicotine addiction - but in the meantime I'm well pleased with myself.
  4. There should be someone with responsibility for child protection/safeguarding within the hospital. If you have concerns this is the person that the concern should be referred to. I worked in CP and all our local hospitals had a named person. Any concern should be investigated appropriately. All organisations need a CP Policy if they deal with anyone under the aged 17 and under and the process for reporting concerns should be contained within this policy.
  5. I stopped smoking cigarettes on the 01 August last by using an electronic cigarette. I noticed the benefits almost immediately, and now seven weeks later, my health has improved so much, there's no way I'd smoke tobacco again. Now I know that I'm still addicted to nicotine, but I intend to cut down to nothing eventually - but haven't set a timescale yet - I'll do it when I feel ready. I'm someone who just knew I wouldn't like patches or nicotine gum, but the electronic cigarette works for me. I cannot beleive it's seven weeks since I smoked tobacco and I'm well chuffed with myself. Whatever works to stop you smoking use it, and focus on the benefits which is improved health, and more money in your pocket.
  6. I am so glad about the massive media coverage the Hillsborough Report has had since yesterday. Here in Liverpool, despite knowing about how big the cover up was - no one believed us, until yesterday. Even though I already knew much of what happened, even I was shocked at the extent of the cover up. Andy Burham was at Anfield for the 20th Anniversary, and was heckled something terrible. He promised he would help - and he did! How often can you say that about a polician? The following year Andy Burham was again at Anfield at the 21st Anniversary, but he wasn't with the VIPs - he was just in with the crowd, couple of seats away from me. That was the first time I thought "Justice is coming" - I just knew it. It's the bereaved families who have received most of the praise, rightly so. They have conducted themselves in a dignified and brave manner, and they have nothing but my admiration for the courage they have shown for the last 23 years. I hope now that there are some criminal convictions for those responsible for this tragedy. JFT96
  7. I remember the day so well. I just hope that now that people now believe the TRUTH, because so very many still believe the lies the **** "newspaper" told. JFT96.
  8. I supported someone going through similar difficulties. Went to see the local councillor on a Saturday morning and by Tuesday morning everything was sorted! Find out who your councillors are (via Liverpool City Council website) and go and see them in their surgery, there are generally three per week in the local area, or email them ASAP. When Managers receive email from Councillors they tend to pull out all stops and address the problem.
  9. I claimed PPI from my mortgage provider. I was told that I "had" to have it. I cancelled it after six months because I just knew it was a con. Anyway - I got a cheque last November for £350 and it was easy - I just used the advice and letters on this forum.
  10. Speaking from experience (working in Social Services) checks would be made from within, so this means that the previous call will be logged in the records. They will be aware of this, and may ask about it. As somebody said just be honest - this happens all the time. Which family never has arguments?
  11. All the schools in the area I live in are controlled by the Governing Body - not the LA. Therefore it's the school that owes you this money. This happened to one of our LSAs, and our school made a back payment. While it must have been difficult for you to ask about payment, you should have made your enquiry earlier. Having said this, personally, I think you should receive a back payment. With regards to statements - there is no "pot" and if a child needs a support worker, the cost is met by the school. It did used to be the case that the LA funded statemented children, but this is not the case now. We have two statemented children in my school, and both the support workers are funded, with great difficultly by the school. This was yet another wonderful Central Government Initiative about "Inclusion" of children with severe learning difficulties into mainstream schools, which is an brilliant idea, but bit by bit the funding has fallen to the current situation whereby there is no funding or support for children in mainstream schools with severe learning difficulties. I suggest you have another informal word with the Headteacher, and if nothing is forthcoming perhaps raise a grievance, which may be difficult for you given you've been in the school for such a short time. Best of luck.
  12. It is an employer's responsibility to enable staff to return to work if possible. Adjustments can be made to the working environment to enable an employee to return to work with the appropriate support in place. I can see why you are concerned, but I personally think your employer is being reasonable by offering appropriate "return to work" support. With regards to the referral to OH - this is standard is large organisations. You would see a doctor who would assess you ability to return to work. The doctor would also possibly confer with your GP. Hope this helps.
  13. All convictions/cautions show on an enhanced CRB, even those from a child. This is unfair in most cases IMO. Depending on the reason why you received the caution, I cannot see why you are being disiplined. The CRB should be looked at in context, i.e. the reason you received the caution and the fact that you were 17 yo at the time. As the application was specific, my view is that you completed it honestly, therefore it seems a little unfair for them to discipline you.
  14. It's good practice to send the employee the notes of any meeting. I take notes at such meetings and always ensure that the notes are a fair reflection of what has been discussed. If the employee does not agree with what's been written then this would be added to the notes by way of an addendum. If it were me in your position, then I would definately prepare your own notes and send a copy to the employer.
  15. If it's an enhanced CRB is will show up. As the offence is such a long time ago and isn't fraud or violence it should not affect her ability to do such a job. Employers should look at each case in context. Just because there is an offence on an Enhanced CRB, it doesn't necessarily mean you cannot work with vulnerable people, again context needs to be used. It's not fair that offences such as the one described continue to be on record, because "spent" should mean spent in my view. However, there are many offences that can never be spent, and these should be listed.
  16. Glad everyone can see what a load of tosh this smug git talks! He must think everyone is thick.
  17. I use two Maplins shops in Liverpool - the staff are always really nice and bend over backward to help.
  18. What a horrible situation you have found yourself in. You boss sounds like a pig! I'd get the money in the bank, and then don't answer any of his calls, or if you do make an excuse like you're just on your wait out/or you're too unwell to speak. I doubt whether you could do them for contructive dismissal (extremely difficult to prove) and anyway you need to be in a job for a full 12 months before you could make such a claim. The only possibility is maybe discrimination given you're a mum with a disabled child. I'm sure someone will advise you appropriately. Best of luck for the future - not all bosses are pigs!
  19. I deal with CRBs for my school........I'd never heard of investigations being on an enhanced CRB. I've learned something new today. The new Vetting and Barring Scheme was to include any ongoing and past investigations being listed - which is really unfair if the allegations are malicious, which they are in many cases. But as Sidewinder says, it's likely that this scheme will now be scrapped.
  20. I wouldn't mind but since the Hosepipe ban, it's rained everyday - not much but enough to water my garden.
  21. I used to work in Child Protection and the referral made was quite correctl and in line with current procedures. Without doubt Social Services and the other professionals are ensuring that your beautiful little girl is safe - given your wife's medical problem. There is no way your child would be removed into care, as you are fit and healthy and your wife's medical condition can be managed. Accept all the support to show that your daughter will be in a safe environment.
  22. You need to look at your copy of the contract to check this - but I'd say this is a usual clause in an employment agency contract. I work in a school and we have contracts with supply agencies, which state that if we take on one of their teachers we have to pay them something like one third of an annual salary.
  23. As you've been employed under 12 months they can just dismiss you - without even giving a reason. I doubt you can actually take it any further, unless there's some type of discrimination. Something very similar happened to my son in his first job. I know you'll be really angry and wanting to do something, but I'd suggest you move on as soon as you can and look for something else. Best of luck.
  24. Lots of organisations do background checks on staff - not sure how though. With regards to CRB checks, nothing is considered "spent". However, it is not for the CRB to say you cannot be employed. They provide the info and it is for the employer to decide if you are morally fit for the post. A conviction doesn't necessary bar you from a job. Stop worrying too much and go for the job and best of luck.
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