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  1. hi thanks for the response you are spot on we had a visit from her mortgage lender he was very surprised to find us as tennents his visit was to discuss the 5 months missing payments before it went for repossession also the gas fire never worked we kept asking for a certificate which never materialised so we decided to leave which seems to have made her very angry
  2. hi thankyou for your response i missed out by a couple of days with regards to the deposit scheme think i will call her bluff and send her a letter tomorrow thanks again
  3. hi all hope someone can give me some advice in april 2007 we rented a property through a letting agent, were told it was long term let and 5 months later we received a letter from the landlady stating unless we could provide a extra 100 per month she would have to put the property on the market. We agreed to this on a short term basis as we liked the property and didnt want the hassle of finding a suitable alternative property. we were hassled every month by text message asking if the rent was going to be paid ok,we never missed a single month and on most occasions paid up to a week early may this year my husbands work hours were cut and could no longer afford to stump up for the extra 100 pounds the landlady was requesting each month. The property next door became available at 150 pounds per month cheaper than we were paying and decided to make the move, the landlady was given 30 days notice by a recorded delivery letter,all rent was paid and up to date and thats when the fun started!!! She wanted us out at 9:30am 30 days later and at the time she received the letter to the exact minute, the house was cleaned top to bottom and all carpets profesionally cleaned,the landlady ignored us on handover day and left her boyfriend to do all the talking, we were told they had to put together a detailed report and check for unpaid bills which we made sure were up to date. 15 days later and still no report!!!!!,when i saw him at the property yesterday i politely asked if the report was available yet to be told very rudely that i wasnt getting my owed deposit as there was mold under the fridge,carpets replaced and urine stained mattress (WHAT????),the house was in a better state than when we took the tenancy on,he also claims to have photographic evidence and she works for a barister thats happy to take on her case if we decided to take legal action. where do we stand as we where not in the deposit protection scheme and deposit was collected by landlady from the letting agency 6 months after we moved and she went self managed. 700 pound is alot of money to us at the minute, sorry for the long post but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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