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  1. Please can anybody advise me on the below issue I have worked for the same company for 2 years, I work 4 days a week 7.50hrs per day a total of 30hrs per week, I have always had 16 days basic holiday and 8 bank holidays. I am due to change my working pattern on Monday to 5 days a week at 6hrs per day still a total of 30 hrs but spread over 5 days. I checked with my HR department what my Holiday would be for next year, but I have been told its the same 16 days but with a new twist they have now decided to pro rata my bank holidays and only pay me for 6 bank holidays, we are an office and are not open on bank holidays so I dont have the option to work them so I have to use my basic holiday or not get paid. Please can you advise if this is legal ? I was paid 120hrs basic holiday last year plus 60hrs bank holiays next year I will only be paid 96 hrs basic + 36 hrs bank holidays. I have checked on the directgov web site and its states a person working 5 days a week is required to have 28 days holiday this may or may not have to include bank holidays does this apply to you even if you work 6 hours a day but still 5 days a week? Thank you for reading.
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