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  1. Ahem! I woz rudely interupted whilst I woz asking about what to do post 40 days with no reply and post reply with application form? Nicely! Put simply.....I have one case that has not bothered to do anything but harass me with phone calls but no credit aggreement and another that sent me a copy of an application form to which my reposte was as advised by CAG but to no avail. I'm not too concerned about the second but I need some advice about the first. Which agency do I complain to? Ta!
  2. What do I do when a creditor doesn't reply after 40 days?
  3. Right to cancel a no go. But on the other hand...Do you this might be misleading.
  4. Yes and that was another rotten deal!!! PPI.
  5. Thank you! I'll do so tomorrow. What is a small donation? Other oraganisations charge lots. I want to help!
  6. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place? I have received a CCA reply from Abbey regarding an unsecured personal loan and I need to know if it is enforcable. What should I do next? Thanks for any help!!
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