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  1. Thank you so much for that now i know where to start.
  2. i know i am bad on computer but that doesn even make sense to me i will rewrite it
  3. Thanks for the quick reply i was told i couldnt have the loans without it.They knew how desperate i was.first one says amount of credit 2600 cash price for ppi 532.71 ammount of credit 532.71 APR 12.9% charge for credit 181.29 monthly repayments 58.68 total ammount payable 714.00 number of payments 60 also dont know if this matters but the date on it which i signed was 05/07/06 their signature is dated 10/05/06 second loan is ammount of credit 2000.00 cost of ppi 438.32 apr 14.9% ammount of credit 438.32 monthly payments 60 total charge for credit174.28 monthly payments 60 dated 20/03/04 as you can see i am really not very good with a computer
  4. Hi it was two unsecured personal loans which i took out in 2004 and yes i have all the paperwork and copies of the original agreements.I have managed to pay them of in full in september 2007 but am still amazed at the costs.
  5. Hi i am trying to get a refund of Black Horse for what i believe was missold ppi i had on two loans.The problem is i have no idea how to work out the contractual interest.I have read and reread the guides but it just isnt sinking in any help would be great
  6. Hi read your post with interest last night tried to join today but it is apparently means tested so didnt qualify im afraid
  7. Hi Curleybap I am doing my brothers claim for him. I live in Wales but am claiming from the Ulster Bank from when he lived there. The problem is the claim is for over £3000. Does Ulster Bank have an English address so i can use mcol from here.
  8. hi it will get transfered to your local court
  9. hi i always use the cardiff adress and it gets to the right people
  10. i went through all the small print and it doesnt mention my husbands condition i do think he was probably covered what i need advice on is how i would be able to find out for sure
  11. hi again any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  12. hi this is my first time posting so could be very long winded.i have just been checking an old ppi which i had for a secured loan of 15.000 with black horse from 2002.i have since paid the balance of after selling my house.the thing is i have just noticed the policy has a critical ilness cover on it.three months after taking out the loan my husband collapsed and had to have emergency surgery which saved his life.at the time i did query the insurance and they did pay under the sickness cover but didnt at any time mention the critical ilness cover.i now know i should have checked myself but at th time i was releived it was being paid sorry its such a long post but would i have any chance of getting any of my money back even though ive paid it of at a scandalous settlement price
  13. Lee congratulations thats fantastic news.
  14. Just using my sisters computer in case you were wondering about the change of name.
  15. I don't know if this will help but if you look at UKAVIATOR #9. It is all about the consumer credit act 1974. From what i can tell if they cannot find the agreement with your signature on it then it is not enforceable. Might be worth checking this out as i am not sure if this is right.
  16. Not heard anything Lee, but i do know my sister who is claiming from a different bank is also in the same court, at the same time, with the same judge as us. Now have they blocked booked because they do not think it will get that far or is the judge good at multi tasking.
  17. Cheers Lee, In case of confusion i am using my sisters computer. Brenda
  18. Been away for the weekend got back and Natwest have acknowledged the court claim. They have until the 23rd December.
  19. If i decide to go the other route and split it from 2000 to 2003 then when that is settled do one from 2003 to 2006 so i dont have to go fast track. Will they make me sign after the first claim to say i wont make any other claims on this account or is it two different matters. Hope this makes sense
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