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  1. CASE WON!!! I submitted the above defence and was told by the court that Wescott had 28 days to reply to my defence, i then received quite a long letter from wescott stating that they did not aknowledge my CPR request as they were sure that it was going to the small claims court and that i better settle this now for my own sake or seek professional help etc etc. However today i received a letter saying that they were unable to obain information to substantiate there claim and were writing off the debt and not pursuing it any further. In short i could not have done this without h
  2. Have had a look at similar threads to mine and come across the following defence which i have borrowed, can someone have a look over it and see if this is the right way to go for my case. i have amended a few points and taken some out and just want to be sure im heading in the right direction. In the NORTHAMPTON (CCBC) county court Claim number XXXXXX Between Wescot SPV Ltd - Claimant and XXXXXXXX – Defendant DEFENCE 1. I XXXXXXXX am the defendant in this action and make the following stateme
  3. ok really need some help here guys and girls, as stated before wescot have ignored my CPR request so have no idea what info they are holding on me. shall i just go for a statue barred defence and if i went this way would i be liable for the £200+ interest?
  4. Spoke to the court today to find out when my defence needs to be filed and they said the 10th so got a bit of time yet, is there any thing else i can do or just wait to file my defence? The original letter from the court was dated the 5th aug. i thought after i done the AOS is was 28 days from the 5th? the 10th just seems a bit of a random date? (i think im just worrying too much).
  5. The letter was sent off on the 17th and have checked the tracking number and can confirm it was signed for. I have yet to get a reply and am i right in thinking there time to respond has now elapsed? If so what should be my next step as am running out of time (i think) as received the the notice of service letter on the 5th AUG.
  6. Sorry getting confused now, do i need to send a postal order with this request?
  7. Right have updated all my details on my credit report and there is definatly no sign of this debt! How should i proceed?
  8. sorry getting ahead of myself, 99.9% i have not acknowledged this debt since i heard/paid littlewoods (01/04/05).
  9. No have never issued a CCA before so will have a look on here as seen plenty of threads on this, this would show me what they have?
  10. ok just tried updating my previous addresses but not open till monday, due to the time contrants from the court anything i can do/prepare for monday untill i update my report?
  11. ok yeah have moved quite a few times since then will have to get my report updated asap, hopefully it still dont show!
  12. checked that out too and its not there! Have only been a member on there since May and checked Mays credit report as well just to be sure and no sign there either.
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